The Players Republic: Socom 4 DLC Update

It looks like Zipper interactive is doing their best to please SOCOM fans of old and new with a good ol' map pack. Last week Chris Roper, the community manager over at the forums, announced the details for the next batch of downloadable content. Prior to the announcement the 1.05 patch, of which made some necessary changes to the chat system as well as having fixed some minor bugs, was released. Hopefully, this can persuade some of those "hardcore" SOCOM veterans to come back from Confrontation.

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cyclonus0074202d ago

I'm glad to see they are still supporting it. Some games bomb and the company doesn't even bother fixing it post launch.

That was directed at you, Sega.

xc7x4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

that's not enough content i.m.o.,plus Bitter Jungle wasn't everyone's favorite back then. unless the other 2 "new" maps are outstanding,i don't see this boosting the game much more than it already is but at least Ruins is coming so that's something i guess? they need to make the rotation of maps all together,not dividing 'em up all different ways to their liking [i.e..medleys with multiple modes..] but have it in order per modes. A lot of us don't like certain modes to play in. i guess i just want a little bit of that old Socom feel even if it ain't much,but just a tad is all i ask.

DirtyLary4202d ago

All these new players need to drop the cod mode and play classic. Then they can experience the new maps and some near classic Socom play.

HappyWithOneBubble4202d ago

I stopped playing Socom 4. I might get back on it later but this game really left an empty hole in my heart.

dangert124202d ago

I've never played 2 and could never get Into confrontations but I thought socom 4 was okay after 1.4 give it ago :) you also gotta admit the sound track is sex to a gamers ears !

videoxgamexfanboy4202d ago

I will always love and play socom. Its not the best shooter out there but at least it requires team work and ppl actually use their mics.

GunofthePatriots4202d ago

Too late Zipper. Your game is garbage and nobody plays it. Maybe you'll listen to the fans next time