Why Gears of War 3 Shouldn't Be on the Xbox 360

While the Gears of War series has been successful, the next should NOT be on the 360.

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Kamikaze1355544d ago

But honestly, I'd rather the next installation of the series to be on the next Xbox. I want an epic game with amazing visuals as well as great gameplay of course. As much as I love Gears of War 1 and 2...the visuals just aren't as jaw dropping as most games out now and I doubt they can get that good on the current hardware.

RememberThe3575544d ago

Gears is the reason I bought my 360 way back when.

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7thNightvolley5544d ago

ya i agree with you there too, coz i know Rod Fergusson said that Gears2 filled the disc to the bleeded end and there was no space at all left so well in order to be a visual leap from gears2 it would need higher graphics= high pixel count= more space and DVD9 wont just cut it except its multi disc, and its no final fantasy or RPG so another reason y it should be done on the nextbox.

All-35544d ago

Tim Sweeney: The Unreal engine is really tied to a console cycle. We will continue to improve Unreal Engine 3 and add significant new features through the end of this console cycle. So, it is normal to expect that we will add new stuff in 2011 and 2012. We're shipping Gears of War now; we're just showing the next bunch of major tech upgrades such as soft-body physics, destructible environments and crowds. There is a long life ahead for Unreal Engine 3. Version 4 will exclusively target the next console generation, Microsoft's successor for the Xbox 360, Sony's successor for the Playstation 3 - and if Nintendo ships a machine with similar hardware specs, then that also. PCs will follow after that.

Tim Sweeny: Also, we continuously work on transitions, when we go through large portions of the engine. We completely throw out parts and create large subsystems from the ground up, while we are reusing some things that are still valid.


I did not murder him5544d ago

I think this so called gears request would benefit the games more with a new or updated engine if this BS issue is to be taken serious from real 360 fans and not posers^impersonators trying to take a gab at the series because its a system seller.

New Hardware has nothing to do with why gears is seen by certain types of fanboys as dated and has more do do with the dime a dozen engine made to be easy for all but not customized only with the 360 in mind.

kewlkat0075544d ago

I do not think they should do another Gears on the Xbox 360. Wait till the next Console.

ShabzS5544d ago (Edited 5544d ago )

make a new engine and seperate the 5 chapters onto a multi disc format.. with games like gears which play on levels multi discs is not a bad idea.... its only on sandbox games that it gets messy...

boodybandit5544d ago

Gears is the biggest reason I camped out and picked up a 360 at launch. I hope they build it for the nextbox instead of the 360. My only concern is will Epic have to build a whole new engine for the next generations of consoles and how long will it take for them to do so?

ELite_Ghost5544d ago

360 yet has to get 1080p games. I'm sure Gears 3 would look amazing on xbox 1080 (xbox 3).

Making it on 360 just pretty much makes it gears 2.5.

edhe5544d ago (Edited 5544d ago )

Wow, that's amazingly misinformed.

Pixel counts do not equal storage requirements.

Imagine it did - then where would the ps3 be with lower resolutions yet higher capacity!

N4Flamers5544d ago

but I found one of the last statements in this little rant to be funny as hell. It says they have nothing to gain except sales, lmfao. I would love to hear you argue this against someone in the company.

guy's the only thing you can get out of this is more money. oh no.

I dont understand how neglectful programing means the 360 is tapped out. I mean you get a glitch from someone exploiting the game and that means the console cant handle anymore. What I think they should do is launch gears 3 on 360 next year and then have an extended one packed in with the next xbox. Like a 3.5 version, with updated graphics and a longer campaign, and some more maps. Imagine getting that in a launch console, that would sell.

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360isthebestps3sucks5544d ago

its only possible in 360 the best console in the market... and not like flopzone 2

d0nT wOrrY5544d ago

hahaha moron kid, just like viva pinata the ps3 can't handle the power of flops

II Necroplasm II5544d ago (Edited 5544d ago )

d0nT wOrrY wants to play this game so bad...

he loves Gears of War, he wants to shoot a locust... or even blow one up.

Thats why he is in this this thread everyone knows you're a 15 year old kid anyways

Defectiv3_Detectiv35544d ago

Gears of War 2 was a disappointment. Horde mode is cool, and the campaign mode is decent if you're into that sort of thing, but one thing that all people agree on is that the online is broken(maybe 5 on 5 is too much for P2P servers?)

Another thing I didn't like about Gears2 was no local MP. You can't have 1on1 deathmatches on the same box...always thought that was kinda fun.

It seems to me that Gears of War is starting to suffer from unreal tournament-itis.

NewZealander5544d ago

if it sells and continues to be remain an AAA excusive then why shouldnt it be on the 360?

look back at the ps1 days, how many tomb raider sequels were there?
or games like resident evil, the graphics never really got much better but we bought the games because they were awesome.

i dont care how many sequels to gears they want to bring out this gen, im far from over it.

ssipmraw5544d ago

well you speak some truth

killzone 2 isnt possible on the 360 XD

d0nT wOrrY5544d ago

first, im 20 yrs old.
second, your idiot.
third, i never touched x360 just one time in my friend's house just to try your GeoW 2 and it's f*cking boring.

run and gun run and gun run and gun run and gun run and gun run and gun run and gun run and gun run and gun .................

run and grap morter to kill some big sh!t.

piss off kid

blackbeld5540d ago

Why Gears of War 3 Shouldn't make breaks rrod on the Xbox 360

Cuase it does breaks with 1 and 2 you know.. that is not funny......


too bad....

HAHAHHAHAHAAA 360 losers ... Cry baby cry!!

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BX815544d ago

I kind of agree with the next Gears should be on the next xbox console. If they do that then is should look incredible and play incredible as well. Downloadable content could hold over till 2011, as long as it includes single player content as well. They should reduce some of the lag as well. I liked Gears2 and I'm looking forward to Gears 3.