The Environments of TimeShift

The Krone Empire's tourism industry is kind of down at the moment, thanks mostly to a Big-Brother-like dictator squandering the civil rights of its citizenry. The weather has been pretty bad too, not to help matters much. Vivendi was kind enough to give IGN a few more details on the levels of TimeShift, the upcoming time-traveling fist-person shooter that promises pure paradox. Taking place in both the A.D. timeline and, gulp, K.E., or Krone Era timeline, TimeShift will have modern-day environments with a 1984-edge, like giant war factories and cities full of unrest.

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Asylumchild5813d ago

Im going to be straight with all of you Iv played this game and it is HORIBLE seriously it is really bad

Mikey_Gee5813d ago

I played the demo that came with my OXM magazine and I was not very impressed at all. "IF" you want this game, do yourself a favour and play it safe ... "RENT FIRST"