MotorStorm High-Res Screens

Check out these new high-res screenshots of MotorStorm. Though not quite as detailed as last years target trailer, I must say the game looks very impressive.

kingboy6593d ago

Atleast it stills looks nice

sillysonyguy6593d ago

and with time to go, it should only keep getting better.

sorry to piggy back on you, but it was the only way to get a post on.

Dusty6593d ago

this is just a test post

pRo loGic II6593d ago

Looks like a Nintendo 64 game with dirt.

DOLBY DI GA TAL pf6593d ago

Let hope it's not buggy, don't want the ruts apearing on the side of the vehicels and such.

ssj046593d ago

it will look nice, the game is only 30 to 40% complete... so they still got alot to do...