What Happens To PS3 Games in A Year ?

A depiction of one year progress of a Sony exclusive title. Its a side by side comparison of Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Photos. The 2006 E3 showing compared to the current build which has still not been finalized. Scroll down to story images to have a look.

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techie4762d ago (Edited 4762d ago )

Yay! my idea. I shouldv done that. I forgot I was a contributer.

That's cool. They are really concentrating on making him look good and the animations to be perfect. It really will be amazing. No doubts in my mind.

GaMr-4762d ago (Edited 4762d ago )

You did suggest it. Then I shortly had this complitation emailed to me. So here it is.

Here is some tid-bit to get the saliva flowing.

When taking cover behind a tree with your gun equipped and your arms raised. His sleeves will actually roll up his arms. And in idle-time animation he pulls them back down.

Bottom line. His clothes are extrememly detailed for some reason. lol

Also... I dont want to come off as one-sided or biased to anyone on thiis site. It just sooo happens that my Sony news connections are much more lively these days than my Microsoft and Nintendo connects. Plus having a few friends in the Video Game journalism and Game developement fields help too. I get awesome tips. More on the Sony side as of late.

Violater4762d ago

I cant tell which version looks better, or maybe its that it really really looks good. the 2007 versions show slight improvements to a keen eye. At a glance i can see an overall specular bloom has been toned down and shows up according to the depth of field. And we all know about the facial animations.

techie4762d ago

I think foliage looks better. The art direction is better. The character model is better. Shadows are better. We'll see when it's in movement though. Can't wait.

Torch4762d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing. I mean, the lighting is much night and day, but there's just SOMETHING about the new pics that I can't quite pin-point...umm, over-saturated colours?

Nonetheless, if they can manage to pull off fluid in-game animation with that kind of detail, it would be quite a feat.

Looking forward to it.

Dreyals4762d ago

on what looks better. Granted the scenery looks better on the new build, but I think some of the character feature look waxy, like the eyes, of course this my view and its from a still picture versus motion so it could be any type of effect going on.

InMyOpinion4762d ago

Wake me up when they release a trailer or screens in which you know for sure they are actually playing the game.

The screens look great though, no doubt.

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The story is too old to be commented.