Massive Action Game: [Insert Gameplay Here] "Hilariously enough, as soon as the Killzone 2 release hype has died down, it's the turn of Massive Action Game (MAG) to be touted the new hipster on the block. It's funny how the tide keeps changing but it's also amazing how a title that was literally a blip on the gaming map some six months ago is now being dissected and conversed about like it's the next killer app for the Playstation 3. Sooner or later, it'll become blasphemous to say anything against MAG so now seems as good a time as any to criticize it.

"If Sony is hoping the main hook for this game will be the number of people it can support online, it can quietly can it and do so quickly. Sony isn't intentionally or unintentionally creating a subliminal connection that says, 'Well , maybe the gameplay is no good. Hit 'em up with numbers!' Yet after checking out the features, MAG seems like another run-of-the-mill military themed FPS."

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LordMarius3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Guess some people dont like waiting for E3.

"Hilariously enough, as soon as the Killzone 2 release hype has died down, it’s the turn of Massive Action Game (MAG) to be touted the new hipster on the block."

To me that just screams
"Whaa why does the PS3 have to have so many good games WHAAA"

Edit: Sony has planned to show MAG to the media later this month,

Nike3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

"Guess some people dont like waiting for E3."

Another way to say: Maybe Sony doesn't wanna wait to show the game at E3 and would prefer revealing no gameplay but a bunch of figures right now?

Depends on your viewpoint. Or your console allegiance. :)

Edit: So again, why didn't they just wait till the end of the month, shown it to us and then filled in the blanks with details?

fishd3570d ago

"So again, why didn't they just wait till the end of the month, shown it to us and then filled in the blanks with details?"

Well next time I'll ask them to contact with you before giving out any info about their upcoming games.

GOD,give me a fukcing break,so now ppl are calling Sony out for giving out info about their games?jeez,so what is next?
Hey Sony why you are showing your game before reviews come out?,maybe it is not good and I don't want to waste my time on something that might not be good!

Gotta love you haters,enjoy waiting till E3

PoSTedUP3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

i agree with the title, i am DYING to see the gameplay for this game.

zipper and fps? woah...

256 players? O_O

only on ps3? ya damn right!

Nike3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

"GOD,give me a fukcing break,so now ppl are calling Sony out for giving out any info about their upcoming games."

There's giving out info and there's hyping your game when you've got nothing to show for it. Which is strange for Sony because they kept awfully mum about God of War III details until the first trailer was shown at Spike's VG Awards some time ago. They didn't even bother clarifying any rumours - when the game was released, only then did they state how it would have no co-op or multiplayer.

"Well next time I'll ask them to contact with you before giving out any info about their upcoming games."

Duuuuude. Could I get fries with that? ;)


Indeed. Well, guess we'll just have to wait till the end of the month when Sony will (apparently) reveal it.

ultimolu3570d ago

Media: The PS3 has no games. It's a bluray player. Sony failed.

(now that games are here and more are coming)


The media...*sigh*

What can you say?

Raoh3570d ago

not to mention i dont hear the media talking trash about ps3 graphics anymore.. odd huh?

terrandragon3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Another run-of-the-mill? No way, after reading about it, it sounds fantastic.

callahan093570d ago


They just released some screen shots the other day. Today they release details on the game. Supposedly these details come from Game Informer, so something tells me there are screens to go with them that we just haven't seen yet. Plenty of games get their first big exposure and details in Game Informer features. In fact, the first time I ever heard of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was from the Game Informer cover story they did on it a long, long time ago.

SuperM3570d ago

lol @ nike

Way to go, now everyone can see what a fool you are. This is the most stupid article ive seen all week

terrandragon3570d ago

You are right, they have about 11 screenshots showing a village surrounded by a forest, and some kind of desert factory.

CaseyRyback_CPO3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

There is no such thing as a killer app. If so, they are all on the DS and the Iphone, definitely not Banjo Kazooie, Lips, or any other title that doesn't rhyme with purpals.

Just like the media/360fans themselves hyped up KZ2 as a killer app, MAG is gunna follow the same route. But it makes no sense, considering the game is just 1 game of many. well it makes sense when you think about it if you didn't own a ps3.. imagine only being excited to play 3 games over and over, and the only news you look forward to, is hoping a PS3 exclusive is purchased for it.

MAG will probably be good, and offer something that the 360 cant, like the entire 08-2009 lineup. It will come, and go, just like all games do, but for some reason.. its some how a bad thing for ps3 owners.. not sure.. maybe a 360 owner could help me figure this one out...

why should I feel bad again?

we have seen more of Mag than Alan Nukem, yet.. no articles for that.

Perhaps everyone is upset that huxley was supposed to be 100vs100? And is now 3vs2.

whothedog3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

I didn't think they were ever going to show gameplay footage til it was released, I'm just an impatient a-hole

If they haven't showed footage yet, than that means they are not ready to show footage for WHATEVER reason, I think they know what they are doing.

also yes sony want to get people hyped up for the game, but they are not calling it killer apps, the media is here for that

ZuperAmazingCooKie3570d ago

Can you stop posting flamebait? Just asking.

TheExecutive3569d ago

Exactly... at least sony has new exclusives to actually talk about...

king dong3569d ago

but with 256 player attack and defend, and 64 player team deathmatch games, thats more than enough justification for me to pick this up day one!

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morganfell3570d ago

" now seems as good a time as any to criticize it."

Proof from the author himself that his story has absolutely no value.

Nike3570d ago

"Sooner or later, it’ll become blasphemous to say anything against MAG so now seems as good a time as any to criticize it."

Misinterpret things much? :)

morganfell3570d ago

You have spent considerable time defending this story. Even you know it is trash. Your actions are proof of your own insecurity and acknowledgment that this garbage has no legs of it's own.

mopground3570d ago

you say you cant call it an AAA title because there is so little info on it. but that works both ways so you cant bash it or say the gameplay will be bad which is why this article does not have any value at all

IcarusOne3569d ago

As gamers, we should carry a healthy dose of skepticism. It's too easy to see 256 multiplayer and get swept up. The size of these matches is not enough for me to say "day one pick-up". I'm with the author: just because the game can support a lot of people doesn't mean it's going to play well. In fact, it instantly makes me assume otherwise. Which is why I'm very curious to see gameplay footage.

If they pull this off, however, it's going to be awesome. A definitive step in the right direction. But with this many people, won't they need to rethink how voice chat is going to work? That many voices over a headset could get cumbersome.

Brock Danger3569d ago

I think I read that chatting will be broken down between commanders, squad leaders, and squads. Something to the effect that there will be separate channels for the people giving orders, with squad members only talking to the other people in their squad. I'm sure I'm butchering this explanation.

IcarusOne3569d ago

That would make sense. And you didn't butcher it too badly.

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Kain813570d ago

we have seen only some pics from the PC-version nothing more, and the game is hyped too, but its Ok its a360 exclusiv. Double morals mmh

Nike3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Double morals, double standards, double takes and what not.

But just because MAG is a PS3-exclusive doesn't mean Sony shouldn't be called out too for revealing no gameplay and numbers ahoy, and then going on to state how "it's not possible on the 360". Last time I checked, the 360 experts don't work in Sony. So show us the game and we'll decide for ourselves, thanks.

ps921173570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Good point, I am hyped for MAG because of the concept and admit that we know very little of it, so at the end it may turn out to be crap. As for AW the concept isn't new or amazing, the developer aren't renowned all over the world, and we know nothing of it, so why so much hype for it? Heavy Rain deserves more hype than it, at least we know something of it.

EDIT: Ah, out of curiosity, who designed the 360 cpu?

Nike3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

The rudimentary story is supposed to be about the so-called Origami Killer. Quantic Dream later stated that the footage they showed at Leipzig GDC last year won't be part of the main game (but maybe a tutorial). Technically, the main game hasn't been shown.

But at least we've seen the capability of the engine, the number of branching paths within the games, and how some gameplay aspects resemble Indigo Prophecy's Quick Time Event sequences.

Hype indeed works both ways but generally, it's dumb to dub MAG a AAA title when nothing is known about just as it is to dub Alan Wake a "Crysis Killer" (yes, some one actually called it that once) when the 360 version hasn't been revealed.

Edit: I think it was IBM but I'm not certain. :P

ps921173570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

It was designed by IBM, Toshiba and Sony.

Microsoft payed for the design, but had none of there own engineers work on it.

SprSynJn3570d ago

Do you work for Microsoft by chance?

TheExecutive3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Well, if you think its possible to have 256 players on P2P servers there is something seriously wrong with you. So yes, its not possible on the 360. Is it because of the hardware? No. Is it because of the server architecture that MS decides to have? Yes.

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blackpanther253570d ago

they can get this game right is if they force people into squads and give each individual squad a different mission on the map with like a location point on the map or something. The gameplay has to be tactical as well and the physics have to be good like the recoils, movement, accuracy fallof, and etc.

Above all it must have full customization of weapons. Im talking silencers, scopes, single/semi/automatic switch options for assault riffles, and etc.

Nike3570d ago

Never really thought about that. How DO you get that many people to fight it out online and still get them to work cooperatively? I believe WWII: Online had a similarly large number of players but that didn't quite turn out so well.

Perhaps we may see some of PlanetSide's influence in this - as in, the game will reward those players who work most closely as an outfit rather than running off on their own to commit enemy genocide. It would be interesting if other types of missions were included in between all the action - like training missions, weapons testing, mini-games that net special weapons and upgrades, etc.

squidyj3570d ago

Umm yeah, the way they have it set up is 8 person squads with 4 squads in a platoon and 4 platoons per side. every squad, platoon, and conflict has a leader and leaders are able to assign specific objectives

so you could assign the taking of a town to a whole platoon and then a squad in that platoon could have the job of blowing the bridge and another could have the job of clearing the town hall and another could be directed to provide overwatch support (sniper objective IMO). Squads and platoons get points for completing objectives.

Command structure is a big deal in this game apparently, can't wait to see what the commanders can do.

Raoh3570d ago

It can work if its objective based.

similar to resistance 2. It was nice to see people work together in R2 due to the fact that you had a specific job and goal.

so similar to the neogaf findings on what can be expected in the game like when an air strike is called in it may not be in your region but you may be able to hear it. shows that lots is going on outside of the area from your own fire fight.

even in socom you would see people break up into buddy system like squads to accomplish objectives. one would concentrate on breaching and guarding that post while another team went in to take out communications.

the cool and sad about MAG is that if pulled up it will be amazing. a few bad decisions could make it a disaster.

fishd3570d ago

"There's giving out info and there's hyping your game when you've got nothing to show for it."

As for the gameplay,well it's an FPS on a large scale,what do you expect to see?Jesus riding a dinasour?Sorry but you'd be disappointed

hesido3569d ago

@jesus comment, LMAO (nearly fell off the chair.)