D+PAD: Afro Samurai Review

D+PAD: There's a certain allure to it all, however, and that's undoubtedly due to the incredible presentation. Certain moments, such as a mid-air boss fight and the frequent perusal of beautiful vistas, are remarkably good fun. But it's the lousy design flaws that bring the game down considerably, and for a title that can be completed in less than five hours you'd have expected it to be a little bit more polished. What Afro Samurai has in visual style, it lacks in design finesse.

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butterfinger3573d ago

was just too repetitive in my opinion (which is what I was worried about to begin with). It also had some camera issues as well. I'm a big fan of the films, and I was really looking forward to this, but it just didn't do the films much justice. It's still an OK rental. Be prepared for no trophies in the PS3 version, though.