Samuel L. Jackson’s Live Action Afro Samurai Movie Paves the Way for More Video Games

The Indomina Group, a U.S. and Dominican Republic-based producer and distributor of film, TV and transmedia content, is teaming with Samuel L. Jackson and Gonzo Studios to produce a new live action film based on the popular “Afro Samurai” animated series that has spawned an impressive franchise, including video games, and a global following. This deal paves the way for new video games, as Namco Bandai released games based on the animates series in the past. The Indomina Group’s transmedia rights should include video games based on the live action film, so new games should be coming home with the movie’s release.

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cochise3133740d ago

Afro samurai is a straight bad ass.

raWfodog3739d ago

Sam Jackson is perfect for the role also because his look is perfect for afro, just like his voice.

Just like Lester Speight should play Cole if they ever come out with a Gears of War movie.

NellyNel_7_1_33740d ago

And a live action Afro Samurai will suck ass!

NanoSoldier3740d ago

I want Wu Tang Shaolin Game.

MasterD9193740d ago

Well at least the movie will have a kickass soundtrack if Rza produces some or most of the tracks for it.