GamesRadar: The Secret World First Look

Tornquist's first goal with The Secret World was to create "a huge universe," something he says all MMOs need. But the trick according to Tornquist is that this vast size need not be measured in virtual miles. Developer/Publisher Funcom wants their latest online game to be gigantic in a way that's more than geographical.

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KionicWarlord2223481d ago

"Since these are real people in the real world, you can also say goodbye to MMO mainstays like classes and weapons, even character levels. Everything in the game will be skill-based, including guns, swords, voodoo, illusionism, investigation, and more. Hybrids will be possible, and you should never find your character stuck down a single progression path." interesting . If they can pull this off the way there trying to this game will be excellent.

panasonic233481d ago

awesome this game remind me of Bleach.