New footage of Dead Space: Extraction

Some brand new footage of Dead Space: Extraction has been released.

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Maxned5530d ago

Those graphics look great! I just hope that the game has a decent length compared to House of the dead or something.

- Ghost of Sparta -5530d ago (Edited 5530d ago )

So Isaac Clarke's not the lead character here? Dead Space is an amazing game and it's cool that they didn't have to tone down the violence for the Wii version. As mentioned above, the graphics do look nice. This and The Conduit are easily the best looking Wii games I've seen.

spandexxking5530d ago

wierd, when i saw the footage the first thing that jumped into my head was house of the dead! looks good, i love rail shooters but i dont have a Wii:(

Product5530d ago

Looks great although the interview brings nothing new to the table.

FantasyStar5530d ago (Edited 5530d ago )


ChickeyCantor5530d ago

And this is the reason why i'm so pissed at EA.
While they could have made something better, much better, they actually try to tell people they invented a new gerne: GUIDED-FPS.

Game doesn't look that bad but the way EA is spinning things is just sad.

aldesko5530d ago

I didn't know they still made gamecube games.

MegaPowa5530d ago

I didn't know they let dumb trolls in here

Doppy5530d ago

Seeing this makes me want a next gen multiplayer online guided first person shooter.