IGN: Cross Edge Hands-On

Cross Edge is a traditional Japanese role-playing game complete with world map, random battles, level grinding, item synthesis and talking anime portraits. The real charm of Cross Edge comes from the fact that so many different characters unite in a single story. The start of Cross Edge is unquestionably surreal. Main character, Miko, begins by delivering a monologue where she muses about what happens when your thoughts are immediately forgotten. Where do they go? What do they do? That's what the "world" of Cross Edge is all about -- it's a place where a person's lost thoughts and a collection of forgotten ideas go when they disappear.

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rhood0223790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

I don't understand why this needed to be a PS3 game--from a technical standpoint, nothing about it screams current gen. In fact, it looks like it would do as well on the PSP.

With that said, the "old-school" rpg element intrigues me. I thought I was past my tolerance of this battle system, what with the advent of active battles and such, but after playing Chrono Trigger again I rediscovered it's simple charm.

I may check this out, either as a rental or as a budget purchase down the road.

patterson3789d ago

but I do like everything else including the old school battle system and such.

Knowing me, I'll probably end up buying this. I have a weakness for JRPGs heh.