Video Game Cross-Overs-Good Idea or Doomed to be Crap (except for fighters, that is)?

GI: The first time I had ever heard of a "crossover game" was when I was back in school and the first SNK VS Capcom was released. Of course, from there, the majority of "crossover games" seem to be fighting games (ie: Smash Brothers, Marvel VS Capcom, etc). And, of course, in Soul Caliber 2, based on which console you were using, you could access a special extra character.

And to some extent, I have to wonder why.

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Son_Lee2644d ago

Well look at Kingdom Hearts. That is essentially a crossover game. I think more companies should do this if it makes sense to combine both game worlds into one. Who here thinks Borderlands x Brink would be a good idea?

Cpt_kitten2644d ago

just throw the free running from brink into borderlands 2 aw well as the customization and that would be gold

Son_Lee2643d ago

My point exactly. That's more genre blending than crossover, though, but still. Resident Evil x Silent Hill or something like that could be good. Even better, Alan Wake x Silent Hill. Silent Wake?

Cpt_kitten2643d ago

yeah, i was trying to think of a good cross over but couldn't come up with something

Hicken2643d ago

I'm not seeing why they're "doomed to be crap."

HacSawJimThugin2643d ago

I'd like to see more cross-overs and cameos...Dante and Bayonetta are a match made in hell. It would be perfection...only if Platinum games made it tho.FTW!!!

Quagmire2643d ago

Tekken VS Mortal Kombat please!