EDGE Games denies NIS America lawsuit allegations

Last month, some astute fans of PS3 and Xbox 360 game Cross Edge noticed its website had mysteriously gone missing, and that the product had disappeared from the website of its publisher, NIS America.

A thread was started on the publisher’s official forums, and questions were quickly answered by a company representative, who confirmed that the website and product listing had been removed for legal reasons.

“We are sad to say the website has gone MIA indefinitely… and I’m sorry, I can’t say much about why, because of legal reasons, namely an IP conflict with the game title,” read the forum post.


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Xof2991d ago

Edge is just a single word. You can't own a copyright on a single word, unless it's some fictional word you create. This is beyond absurd.

Some people are so stupid they simply need to be shot.

Da One2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

To understand WTF is the US government doing....

Xof2990d ago

At all. It's just one random moron.