Talking About Games: The Godfather II Review

If the words of the great Aretha Franklin are to be believed, then the ultimate ambition of all individuals is, and always has been, respect. In the world of organized crime, respect can often carry a value higher than any monetary compensation. In fact, respect (or a lack thereof) seems to be the justification for nearly every action carried out by members of the mafia.

Of course, it is with great elation that Electronic Arts reintroduces us to this utopian world of the mob. Wait, you don't consider that a utopia? Never mind.

As EA's Redwood Shores studio brings us The Godfather II, the comparisons to the Grand Theft Auto franchise are obvious. But, as it turns out, likening the two games to each other is simply unfair and irrelevant. The initial Godfather game did enough to set itself apart from Take 2's open-world title, and The Godfather II admirably continues this trend. It may not be perfect, but there's enough of a unique personality here to warrant your time.

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B-Real2063792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

How do you review a game that isn't even vaporware yet? They should probably look over their work before turning it in huh?