Gaming Update: EA Planning to Shut Down More Online Game Servers in April

Gaming Update's CM Boots-Faubert takes a look at the newest list of online game servers that game giant Electronic Arts is shutting down, with a focus upon the online Achievements and Trophies that gamers will need to work on if they want to unlock them before the April 13th shutdown.

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jack who4502d ago

reason why i buy no Ea games

lodossrage4502d ago

What the heck is wrong with EA. Some of those games aren't even two years old. Hardly even a year and a half some of them.

And they only JUST put that simpsons game on psn and xbl, and they're pulling the plug already?

Yeah I'm glad I got that as a PS plus game because I'd be pissed if I bought that

Dark_Overlord4502d ago

I think you may have got the wrong simpsons game, the one spoken about in the article is this one



lodossrage4502d ago

Ok now I'm not too upset lol. Plus the one I meant isn't even made by EA lol


BitbyDeath4502d ago

EA need to change their business tactics, it's obvious they are bleeding money even with all the sports franchises they hold.


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Garethvk137d ago

I wish we had a new Command and Conquer.

Vits137d ago

f you haven't already, consider getting 8-Bit Armies or the new 9-Bit Armies. They're made by some of the same folks from the older C&C, with very similar mechanics; it's just the aesthetics that are completely different.

TheColbertinator137d ago

C&C Red Alert 3 and The Saboteur were two different yet completely unforgettable games to me from a better era of EA.

UltimateOwnage137d ago

Super stoked, excellent pricing too. SteamDeck library+++

Phoenix76137d ago

I loved the Populas games back in the Amiga days. Will have to download these

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10 Most Underrated Third-Person Shooters

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neutralgamer1992450d ago (Edited 450d ago )

Actually great list TBH I agree with all 10

I hope one day we get some remakes for the following

The saboteur(with a proper remake and quality of life features this game could be great)
Scarface world is yours
Binary domain ( such a great game with great story)
GUN(this needs a remake)
Space marine 40k(such fun time)

Would also like to suggest adding the mercenary series even the 2nd game which is disliked by many is a fun time

cthulhucultist450d ago

I recently finished Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine and found it to be very enjoyable.

The game respected the lore and the gameplay was quite decent.

The color palette was a bit underwhelming (backdrops and setting) and recycled but I think that it deserved better.

Here's hoping for an amazing sequel

Vengeance1138450d ago

Space Marine II !! My most anticipated game of 2023! Woot