X-Play: Legends of WrestleMania Review

The game has its ups and its downs, just like the careers of all these Legends. Bringing back old school wrestling and the classic footage definitely brings that nostalgic factor which will make a lot of fans happy. The roster is big and can blow up with the Create-A-Legend mode and importing the current superstars from SVR 2009.

However, the loading times, the absences of some major historical legends, the dumbed down four button control system, the lack of variety moves for each grappler, and the repetitiveness of the gameplay really holds Legends of Wrestlemania from being an all out face. It's not a heel however; it's just stuck in the middle because of its simplicity.

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sak5003792d ago

Was still better than TNA Impact but still not good enough. ALthough I did get 1000 GS on it without too much hassle.