Dead Space Extraction demo hinted

Sounds like there may be a playable demo coming for Dead Space Extraction. A hint was dropped from EA's Dead Space Twitter account, isaacclarke: "Did walkthroughs on 3 Chapters in the game. We also reviewed our super secret special Demo build......guess it's not to secret anymore....".

issacclarke also revealed that the Wii game will likely get an "M" (for Mature) rating. It would be hard for a horror game series like Dead Space to get anything under an M rating. Nothing has been formally announced, but hopefully Dead Space Extraction will be getting a downloadable demo channel like Metroid Prime Corruption had. But then again, with an "M" rating, maybe the demo will be provided on disc with pre-orders? Hopefully we'll hear more soon. For now, it's wishful thinking (rumor).

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Dawn_Of_Ashes4670d ago

i think if there is a demo ... it will be on a disc more than anything else.

addnewman4670d ago

why would it be on disc? now with the new sd card solution and they could release it through wiiware or as a channel like they did with the mp3 preview channel

ChickeyCantor4670d ago

Thats the thing, Stuff on your SD card needs to be cashed on your internal 512Mb flash memory.
Basically so the demo needs to be set on your internal memory first before you can play We arent even a step further.

mastiffchild4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

Storage and what format aren't important-not where M rated games for Wii are concerned.

I've , among many others, banged on about the lack of demos for Wii games for ages. would Madworld, NMH,Overkill et al not have benefitted from one? Any new IP on Wii needs a demo, imo, as Nintendo consoles usually have [people that know what they'll get from nunty-more of the same franchises. For 3rd party games esp new IP a demo may become essential and if EA are looking into this on the back of Segas poor sales for Madworld you can't blame them.

So, yeah, however it happens it's a good thing if it can, isn't it?

N4g_null4669d ago

This would be cool and it would actually let developer make better games.