Achievements: The next step in gaming's evolution or annoying fad?

Excerpt: The fact of the matter is that achievements are superficial. They mean nothing. There is no prize for having more achievement points than the next gamer (with the exception of that silly little contest that Microsoft held ONCE).

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table3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

theres nothing annoying about it, nothing really to hate about it, its just there if you like it. I'd be surprised if anyone cared enough to complain about it. I mean who cares if some dork brags to you about their achievements or trophies, compensating for their lack of real life achievements maybe...

Maedhros3790d ago

They're just something with a disproportionate amount of importance tied to them by players. As actual annoying developer fads go, regenerative health, single-player campaigns being designed around co-op, limited weapon selection and QTEs are much worse for the industry.

3790d ago