PS2 Turns 20 - Our Favourite Games

The P2 team got together to talk about their favourite PS2 titles to celebrate the classic system's 20th birthday.

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Gaming1011343d ago

It doesn't turn 20 till later this year when it was released.
Yes, I feel old -_-

Ratchet751343d ago

Ps2 launched on the 4th of March 2000.


Beyond Good & Evil: 20th Anniversary Edition reemerges with first details and screenshots

Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition first details and screenshots revealed following the original leak.

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-Foxtrot6d ago

Awesome. I love this game

Now people can give it a try if they haven't, hopefully finish it and see how much Ubisoft is butchering the sequel with whatever "thing" they've produced that clearly isn't a true sequel.

Obscure_Observer6d ago

I love Jade!

Ubisoft should had stick with her and Pey'j for the sequel.

SpacedDuck5d ago

No worries. That Sequel will never see the light of day. The second they brought "almost Robin" out and talked about that lame joke collab they were doing I knew it was dead.

XiNatsuDragnel5d ago

I love this game And wanting beyond good and evil 2 so badly

isarai5d ago

Dear God, 20yrs and still can't figure out a sequel. Awesome game tho 👍

SpacedDuck5d ago

Personally I'm excited for the 40th Anniversary Edition which will have an Extras Menu with an "all new" trailer for BGE2 coming soon!

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The reason why there are two different codes for each cheat in GTA San Andreas

From GTA BOOM: "Recently, Obbe Vermeij, a former developer at Rockstar North, shared some intriguing technical details about the ingenuity that went into creating the cheats for the GTA Trilogy"

Gamingsince198110d ago

I bet it was painful not charging for the cheats as microtransactions


Ranking Every God of War Game From Worst to Best

Cultured Vultures: Let’s delve into Kratos’ long and rampageous history and find out which games are worth the hype and which are better left buried under the weight of Kratos’s might.

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JL293027d ago

Both requels over 2 and 3? Clowns. Those are two of the most boring games I've ever played.

Snookies1227d ago

GoW 3 was amazing, but I personally hated just one thing. (This is on me alone, because I was dumb, lol.) I hated that you couldn't skip cutscenes on repeat playthroughs. I had to go back through the game a third time because I missed one trophy accidentally on my way to the platinum... The cutscenes were great the first go round, even the second... But the third was pretty agonizing.

Haven't played Ragnarok, but I still think GoW 4 is a wonderful game in its own right. Not sure how I would stack them up against each other honestly.

Monstieur27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I don't consider the reboot part of the original series. The original series were high-skill games with combos and rewards for mixing things up.

solideagle26d ago

lol square, square and triangle is the only combo you needed. I have played all of them on the hardest difficulties...

Golfcoachh27d ago

Maybe I’m just old school but I just couldn’t get into the last two. Maybe it’s the slower action and more story telling but the original trilogy was by far my favorite.

Crows9027d ago

It's not that youre old school. They're different genres