Team Fortress 2 Played On a Mario Kart Track

TechEBlog writes: "If nothing else, this custom Team Fortress 2 map is pure eye candy, for Mario Kart fans at least. Not only does it look like a giant Mario Kart track, this map even has items from popular manga series like Akira (Kaneda's bike)."

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iceice1233790d ago

If you think it sounds fun you'll be disappointed, at least I was.

Jellzy3790d ago

Rather than play on a Mario Kart Map, you'd be best to wait until a build of MK source is released.



WaR_HaWk3790d ago

this map is old, its from 08

DivDee3790d ago

News travels fast round here eh?

Nasty3790d ago

People were playing mario levels in the original CS. not news.