Star Fox Creator Not Interested in Developing Star Fox Wii

After interviewing Q Games President Dylan Cuthbert about PixelJunk Eden, hit him up on some questions with a franchise he helped create for Nintendo – Star Fox. As most Star Fox fans would agree, there were few Star Fox titles worth playing: Star Fox, Star Fox 64, and Star Fox Command. Not surprisingly, Cuthbert was involved in the creation of all three.

Since the release of Star Fox Command on the Nintendo DS, there hasn't been a Star Fox title for quite a while. Considering the fact that there hasn't been a Star Fox title released on the Wii so far, most would believe that this year will be the year where Fox McCloud will climb into his Arwing for his first Wii Star Fox voyage.

So will Cuthbert and Q Games be at the helm? Not likely….

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infamous_273483d ago

Thats strange. The series seems like it was built in mind for some sort of motion control...

Smacktard3483d ago

Yeah, it'd definitely have the best control yet, by far. It'd make the viewpoint a lot easier to take advantage of. I'm sure in comparison, the N64 version would feel awkward.

qface643483d ago

gosh darn these diva developers they need to take their asses to work like their payed for i want me star fox :[

phosphor1123483d ago

That would be perfect. Flower had the best flight-motion controls I have played. Oh yeah, Warhawk was also awesome. I think he's right though, Miyamoto making Fox get out of the tank is a bad idea. Don't fix it if its broken.

phosphor1123483d ago

I said tank..I meant in the Arwing (I also spelled it as "R Wing" when I was a youngin xD)

gaffyh3482d ago

I'm guessing Q Games has had so much success with PSN titles that they don't want to risk a venture on to the Wii. Although I'm guessing that if they did make Star Fox Wii they may actually be one of the few 3rd party companies that sells A LOT of games.

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Final_Rpg3483d ago

LAME. I loved lylat wars!

SinnedNogara3483d ago


I am a very avid Star Fox fan.

Come on, can't he just use the Classic Controller or GameCube Controller!!

Just imagine online modes in the game! 32 players!!

If they announce a new one, they BETTER not do another walk and shoot game. Those controls were terrible, expecially for the Gatling Gun.

hatchimatchi3483d ago

32 player online for a nintendo game.

i don't think that will ever happen.

look at punch out, 13 characters, only one is new.

Nintendo doesn't like to rattle the cage too much with their IP's

SinnedNogara3483d ago

It's not impossible. Medal of Honor, even though a EA game, proved that it is possible. However, I do see your point. And Punch-Out is kind of disappointing, not just the characters, but the fact there is NO ONLINE FUNCTIONALITY! WTF NINTENDO!!

Maybe at least 12 players! And Q Games doesn't have to make it, Nintendo can take it over at any time and have a good shooter developer like HVS or Konami (Gradius, Life Force, etc.)

Marquis_de_Sade3481d ago

I'm not surprised, the last Star Fox game on Gamecube was technically very good, I guess they didn't want to develop a game on such dated hardware again.

Kushan3483d ago

I haven't played a decent starfox game since the N64 days.

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