Starfox Games, Ranked

WGTC: "Nintendo hasn’t always given Starfox the most love among its tentpole franchises, but the series has still cultivated a loyal cult fanbase over its almost 30-year history. Here are all of the games in the mainline series ranked from worst to best."

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DarkZane60d ago

Well, they listed Star Fox Zero as the worst one, so that list is at least believable.

septemberindecember58d ago

I feel like if you're judging the original Star Fox by it's era then I feel you should do the same with Star Fox 2 IMO. Since they are both effectively SNEA games

Sgt_Slaughter58d ago

It's hard to top the N64 version (well maybe the 3DS version, but that should have used uncompressed audio. Without that it's a step down from what it could have been IMO)