Top 10 Rabbits In Gaming

From Xfire: "Bunnies are often depicted in media and popular culture as small, fluffy, adorable little buck-toothed bundles of cuteness, so far as deifying a rabbit and incorporating it into Easter traditions, somehow associating the mammal with colourful eggs and the consumption of unhealthy quantities of chocolate effigies made in its image. However, not all lagomorphs are love and cuddles - as Australia would be happy to tell you - and in video games, more often than not rabbits will be psychopathic murderers.

Since the brief season in which the ritualistic worship of a paranormal rabbit is socially acceptable is upon us, let's take a look, in no particular order, at the best and baddest hares in video games who could send the Easter Bunny packing."

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Terry_B204d ago

How is Fran from Final Fantasy XII missing? ;-) She is the most badass Rabbit ever been in a video game!

darthv72203d ago

I would add a couple honorable mentions. Vibri from Vib Ribbon and Robbit from Jumping Flash.

Knightofelemia203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

Bucky O'Hare says hello even though he only had one game.