The Escapist GDC 2009: Infamous Hands-On

The Escapist writes: "When last we saw Infamous, it looked to be an intriguing take on the third-person action genre, with wide-open environments and an electrically-charged superpower-wielding protagonist. I got to play through it a bit, and what seemed fun then still seems fun now. The environments are enormous playgrounds, jus waiting to be explored. If you can see a structure, you can reach it and climb it -- everything is in bounds. And leading man Cole MacGrath'd electrically-charged powers are a refreshing change of pace from the usual assortment of guns that usually get served up in a game of this ilk. Lobbing balls of electricity that explode like grenades? Awesome. Refilling your electrical charge by grinding across power lines and sucking generators dry? Also awesome. The game's karma system? Well, that's where I begin to wonder."

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meepmoopmeep3488d ago

IGN: "Infamous is awesome. Period. End of statement."