Sony: MAG "only possible on PS3," is an "iteration of SOCOM"

VG247: SCEA hardware marketing boss John Koller has claimed that upcoming multiplayer shooter MAG can only be built on PS3.

"MAG is a 256 online-player game which is spectacular," he said, talking to VG247 at GDC last week.

"If you look at that competitively, it's something that's only possible on PS3. The processor speed, the ability of PS3 to showcase 256 players at any given time, and their actions."

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marison4934d ago

Their game is only possible on PS3 because in no other platform they have such a creative marketing team!

NNNW4933d ago

that's because the 360 doesn't have any other game lol! Think about it.. if so much time is spent on one game, then a "sacrifice" has to be made for other games right? After all we only have 24hrs in a day and its not like we play 24/7.

Omega44934d ago

Here we go again marketing a game on its specs rather than its gameplay, thats sure to make it sell since its ALWAYS worked in the past

labaronx4934d ago

This is a game sttill in it's early stage and i seriously doubt it will be out this year but this is how it starts similar to killzone 2:

Sony says it's only possible on ps3.
Competition and media say it cant be done.
Sony delivers on promise and media hype insues fueling the hardcore sony loyal.
Game releases gets great reviews does about 2 million sales. Media labels it a flop.

SL1M DADDY4934d ago

It would have been better had he had something solid to tell us in terms of game play but you have to admit, with the sheer number of players this game boasts about and the fact that it is being put together with the devs responsible for the best of the SOCOM series, this game has potential to be a great addition to the console. Not to mention that if it does in fact work and work well, it will be a first in terms of sheer player populous in a single match.

ZuperAmazingCooKie4933d ago

You do know that these "specs" are part of the gameplay, right?
Oh, you don't?

SL1M DADDY4933d ago

If the game is crap and plays poorly then it makes no difference as to how many people you can cram on a single match. I am just saying that I care more for gameplay than the number of players. I do think it will be awesome to see 256 players in a game but if the game sucks... Well...

Why dis4933d ago

Sony says that about any game that is unknown.

Now that there are games coming out that pass KZ2(OFP 2, COD etc) they'll move on to the next game to make these claims.

Ju4933d ago

"Games coming that surpass KZ2". And we have seen them all. <throws a grenade at a pillar with 4 people standing by and starts to smile>...yeah, sure, lets see how CoD:MW2 does it, because until now, no other games does it like KZ2 :)

phosphor1124933d ago

and it was published by Sony Online Entertainment.

In beta, there would be 3000 people on one server alone. The difference between this and MAG though would be that on Planet side, if you had 100 people on screen your computer can crash..and the graphics are pretty shoddy (especially for being released in 03, it was to make it easier on comps). Also the draw distance on PlanetSide is not far at all. It only goes up to about sniping distance, which is ABOUT 500meters at max. The distance did go up while in a jet or transport vehicle, but less things were shown on screen as well, you wouldnt half the details you would.

But MAG, the claim so far is, 256 people on screen at once will be supported. That would be epic.

phosphor1124933d ago

This is phantom disagreer that has me tracked and disagrees with everything i post. How do you disagree to a post like the one I did above? Its factual, the only thing that wasnt is that I said it would be epic if 256 players were achieved. Some people are just dumb.

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi4933d ago

Sony: KillZone 2 "only possible on PS3"
Sony: MGS4 "only possible on PS3"
Sony: GT5:Prologue "only possible on PS3"
Sony: LBP "only possible on PS3"
Sony: WipeOut:HD "only possible on PS3"
Sony: Uncharted "only possible on PS3"
Sony: R&C "only possible on PS3"
Sony: Flower "only possible on PS3"
Sony: MotorStorm "only possible on PS3"

Sir Ken Kutaragi: Uncharted 2, God of War 3, GT5, New Team ICO Game, Heavy Rain etc etc "TOTALLY impossible on the xBox 360!!!" ;-D

M$: Talking CR*P all day on your Console(cross-chat) "only possible on xBox 360"
(That is NOT Gaming???That is MSN???)
M$: A TAX on playing your games online "only possible on xBox 360"
[Must Suck owning a xBox'Lets Chat'360]

Defectiv3_Detectiv34933d ago

Sure, Sony does have alot of games that boast a lot of players per server, but I have yet to see them pull it off in a meaningful way. They are usually pretty chaotic (KZ2, Resistance).

If they could pull it off though, it would be quite a remarkable feet.

And can people stop talking mess about Zipper already? Does nobody realize that Socom:Confrontation isn't really a true sequel in the series? Socom has such a hardcore following that they wanted to bring a version of it to PS3, but confrontation was never meant to be the definitive sequel.

Bits-N-Kibbles4933d ago

Think Socom with 256 players

I'm thinking no respawn (respawn makes everything hectic IMO because there is no incentive to stay alive when you can just respawn in 2 seconds after you die) or a very long respawn time

syanara4933d ago

for being a PS3 fan i seem to be in the zone filled with mostly them, about 2 years ago i would never have thought there would be more PS3 gamers here. wow. its just kinda intresting how as the PS3 has been doing better so has its fanbase at various websites.

(but there are really embarrising PS3 fanboys here none the less)

talltony4933d ago

But but but thee Bungie dev says killzone 2 could be done on 360 so thats means this could be too. Who would want 256 players online neways?? that just too much. 5 on 5 is much more realistic. stupid sony and their stupid games that could be on 360 but never will, this will sell like 2 copies! sales sales sales ramble ramble ramble.

karan86244933d ago

@ 1.1

I think LBP and Moterstorm would be possible on 360. I agree with you on all the others though

Arnon4933d ago

Pretty sure I could play every one of those games on my PC with the ATI Radeon 4890. Not to mention they used computers to develop it rofl.

karan86244933d ago

@ Arnon

Nobody cares about your crappy little PC. And no, you couldnt play ANY of them because NONE of them are out for PC.

infekt4933d ago

Im pretty sure I can play all PC games on my berry....

Arnon4931d ago

"Nobody cares about your crappy little PC"

You realize that a gaming PC would bend a PS3 over and rape it, correct?

1. No limitations (Unlike the PS3/360)
2. Upgradable (Unlike the PS3/360)
3. I guarantee you someone could get a PS3 exclusive game on the PC

Oh, and it cost me half the price to make my computer play the quality a PS3 does.

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PirateThom4934d ago

Well, PS3 does seem to have the upper hand when it comes to number of players on one map, but there's no real reasons for it... however, that's a poor marketing effort right there.

Also, expect that by E3, this will be called "SOCOM: [something]".

xabmol4934d ago

If they made this huge game something as tactical as Socom I would sh*t my pants with happiness.

BaSeBaLlKiD7214934d ago

dont get me wront but i love socom... i hope this isnt going to be socom because how long could you possibly wait for the round to end after every player gets killed... and repeat this for 8 rounds

Ghoul4934d ago

"If they made this huge game something as tactical as Socom I would sh*t my pants with happiness. "

make sure to wear a diper that day i definatly buy one off of you :D

PirateThom4934d ago

Well, they could make it that if your 8 man squad dies, you respawn back into the battle.

I hope it does play like SOCOM, because although there's 256 people, it's still 8 vs 8 in terms of objectives, it's multiple objectives going on around you from other teams. I believe it will still be a tactical game assuming the noobs actually play it smart.

IdleLeeSiuLung4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )


There is no reason why this couldn't be done on the Wii. Other than the little amount of processing power needed to process the people, there is no real reason why this couldn't be done on any platform.

In fact, too many players might cause significant lag and degrade game performance for everybody depending on implementation.

Selling a game based on the number of players seems like a stupid strategy, since Resistance 2 had 60 and we all know how well that game sold. Not that it didn't sell well, but it surely wasn't exactly Halo or Gears in sales.

If any company is going to give us stupid arguments like "only possible on x console", I would like to know exactly why. Not some bullshit "because"... we are x company.

Ju4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

What has that to do how the game plays and works compared to the numbers sold ?

Actually R2 works flawlessly with the amount of people playing. Its easy to get in the games and since they added the zones mode, I like it even more. Fact is, R2 runs great with 64 players with no lag or anything.

BTW: Don't underestimate what the CELL does for a massive networked game. You can use stream processing at its finest, especially to compress network traffic, add crowd control all by the SPUs. That's where they can really shine and can really saturate the idle spots in the load balancing. I doubt that even a quad can match that, and the latency on PCs is just crap these days (I mean, if the OS decides to swap a page to the HDD, all your four cores get a hick up).

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