PSLS Review - Worms

The much-loved Worms series has finally made its way over to the PlayStation 3 via the PSN. Two full years after the game's release on the Xbox Live Arcade, this time around there are more maps and voice packs.
The core gameplay remains the same: it's a turn-based strategy game played on a 2-dimensional battlefield, which is randomly generated. Throw in some PlayStation Network support, 1080p visuals, and get ready for a treat.

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BrunoM3541d ago

2 years after but o well t is coming right ?

is like SvsR2009 dlc sony got it months ago 360 last week ... is what ever they think is good for them .. the game is fun ho ALWAYS love WORMS on pc years ago damn funn

(in other hand even tho ps3 is geting it 2 years after it has upgrades wen is wipeout hd coming to 360) (dont get all mad is a joke lol )

T3mpr1x3541d ago

Haha well it's still Worms! I love this game, just wish it had custom soundtracks and more of the spectacular weapons from Armageddon and later entries...