Why Team 17 Is The Most Underrated Game Company In The World

"In one session of Overcooked, I went from loving my fiancee dearly, to wanting to tie her to a railway track because she couldn’t throw me a beef patty."

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FlyingFoxy1028d ago

Worms 2 was one of my first online games, remember getting it from Argos, was about to get Worms United but luckily they had replaced it with Worms 2. Even with the limitations of dial up in 99 there was only a small amount of lag between turns and it meant that online play was great fun for the most part.

Edgelordsupreme1028d ago

Hell let loose is also a pretty good WW2 shooter published by Team17, its not quite Red Orchestra but it bridges the gap between simulation and accessibility very well.

Hungryalpaca1028d ago (Edited 1028d ago )

HLL is excellent! It’s everything I wanted BFV to be.

-Foxtrot1028d ago

I really want Worms 5

The 3D games were fun

amazinglover1028d ago (Edited 1028d ago )

This whole article is all over the place mixing in games they just published and had no hand in making with games they did develop.

Most of overcooked was done before team17 even decided to publish which was in may 2016 with the game coming out in august of the same year. Its like the author saw he had a bunch of games with their name on the box looked up their wiki page and decided to write an article about it.

1028d ago
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