A new Worms game is in development for release in 2020, Team17 teased

A new Worms game is in development for release in 2020, publisher and developer Team17 teased. “Get ready for Worms like you’ve never played before!” Team17 said in a tweet. “Things are getting real in 2020—more details coming soon…” Watch a teaser trailer below.

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BigBosss1111d ago

Ivs always wondered if there was gonna be a new worms game. Missed Worms Armageddon

FlyingFoxy1111d ago

You kidding? You know a lot of games have been released since then right? That said I've only really played Open Warfare 2 on the DS.. and to be fair the online play was actually pretty good!

But yeah, most of my experience was in Worms 2 on dial up, and then some WWP/WA

BigBosss1111d ago

Of course I knew lol I'm saying my favourite was armageddon lol

-Foxtrot1111d ago

Long as they get rid of the class system they introduced in Worms Revolution, that's what happened the last time they tried to reinvent the wheel

I miss the 3D games, Worms 4 was fantastic, if we could take that and give it the tech we have today the game could be amazing.

Kaedro1111d ago

This game will revolutionize next-generation XD

FlyingFoxy1111d ago

I don't get why they don't just allow everything to be shared automatically online, custom sound banks and maps. WA had it right in that you could auto send any custom map with full images to players in the lobby, then just start the game. Now if only they had that in a newer game, and allowed custom sounds as well.

These days they just seem to be throwing out Worms games trying something new with almost each one, when they could've just taken what WA had and expanded on it.

Teflon021111d ago

I hope it's a 3d game. We need a new one that's better than the others. I think WMD is about as perfect as it gets for the 2D style imo

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