NL: Battalion Wars 2 Review

Nintendo Life writes: "Battalion Wars Wii is ultimately a sequel that doesn't do enough to make a good series great. The visuals are nice, missions are the right length, and there have been a couple of enhancements in the form of extra units and an online multiplayer mode. However, the distinct lack of offline multiplayer is a significant downside, and disjointed gameplay mechanics makes its description as a 'tactical' action game fit like a pair of clown pants on a size zero model.

If you played and enjoyed the first game, you'll undoubtedly like BWii. If you've never played the series before, try before you buy – this one's not for everyone".

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N4g_null3490d ago

I wonder how far he got? The flying missions are the closet console have gotten to a QW:ET type game! The game is really an 8. The designs are really really good also.