Top Five Wii Games You Never Played

Twiddling your thumbs waiting for Skyward Sword to come out? Afraid your Wii is collecting dust. gamrFeed's Benjamin Yoder gives you the skinny on five great games from the Wii's back catalog that you've probably never played.

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Venoxn4g4621d ago

great games and I've played em all :)

DNAbro4621d ago

Okami is also for the PS2 is you are looking for it.

pepsilover_20074621d ago

want to get them all :), but dead space is pretty good also

Redempteur4621d ago

played them all except ....none

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Sonic Game Writers Had ‘Very Little Say’ On Story Scripts

The writing duo behind Sonic games like Sonic Colors and Sonic Lost World reveal they have little creative control over their game scripts.

-Foxtrot38d ago

They need to start letting people take inspiration from the comics, there's a ton of great stuff to take inspiration from.

phoenixwing36d ago

My beef is why even hire writers if you're just going to control the whole process. I'd be very upset as a writer if someone did that. A job is a job though.

DarXyde36d ago

Performative for optics, I would think.

It's like the US Congress holding a vote to "denounce the evils of socialism." It literally did absolutely nothing about anything and was a complete waste of everyone's time (and tax dollars—which is its own irony, by the way)

Dumbest thing in the world, but if you hire writers, it looks like you made a serious effort to make something great.

Do you remember when the original Suicide Squad movie was coming out? How much did we hear about Killer Croc's actor watching cannibal videos to get into character? Or even the "incredible lengths" Jared Leto went through to personify Joker on and off set?

It looks better when people think you're taking it seriously.

XiNatsuDragnel37d ago

Pretty much confirmed that SEGA controls everything about sonic no derivations fr

Profchaos36d ago

Nothing new sonic forces was meant to be far darker then sega got cold feet and they did the same old power of friendship ending


Sonic Colors on Nintendo DS - The Sister Release Also Worthy of a Remaster

The Wii release of 2010's Sonic Colors received a remake for modern consoles, but what about the Nintendo DS sister title?

ZeekQuattro202d ago

Back in the day you would get cases every now and then where the handheld version of a game was better. Chrono Trigger DS comes to mind. Not only did it have the cut-scenes from the PS1 release it also had new content that tied into Chrono Cross.


Now We’ve Had Advance Wars Remastered, It’s Time for Battalion Wars 1+2 on the Switch

Battalion Wars is one of the most under-appreciated classics from the Nintendo GameCube. Part Splatoon, part Mario Kart, part old-school shooter, and all action, this game is fun and strategic. So now that we’ve had Advance Wars remastered, it’s time for Battalion Wars 1+2 on the Nintendo Switch with the following updated features.

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XbladeTeddy296d ago

The memories. Totally forgot about those games but I remember how fun they were.

Pyrofire95296d ago

I was just bringing this game up to a friend recently. He used to play them so much.