PSU Hints: Lair demo soon? reports:

"Yesterday Sony released the Hot Shots Golf 5 demo on the Japanese PlayStation Store.

In other news, we may be seeing a Lair demo, hinted at by the image that popped up yesterday. Well take it as you will, we'll be sure to let you know when the developers confirm or deny the demo.

(note) Then again guys this is PSU.COM (Killzone 2 next month anyone)?
So I wouldn't get my hopes up yet.

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techie4258d ago

Oh dear me...although i believe a lair demo will be coming soon, their proof is quite poor - just that screenshot with "demo" on it. Do they not know that was from GDC and on that screen says the title of the lecture given by Factor 5 "More than just a pretty map"...need more hard evidence than that.

GaMr-4258d ago

GaMr Says: (note) Then again guys this is PSU.COM (Killzone 2 next month anyone)?
So I wouldn't get my hopes up yet.

BrotherSic4258d ago

totally agree, PSU has made too many mistakes recently. Why stoke rumours on no basis?

glad you added the 'note' so users that might have missed the other reports dont get too excited.

techie4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

I remember when a journalist from joined just to say "we make mistakes" that was amusing.

Desperate for news? This demo has been out for ages since e3 last year, what makes this screen coming on the web from gdc any proof that a demo is coming soon to join hot shots golf? Nothing. Even if a demo does come out, the screen was still no proof of it at all.

Shadow4258d ago

I agree with everyone else on this one. A Lair demo is coming eventually, but I don't think this soon. If I had to stake a hunch on it, the 1.60 firmware update that's supposed to change the front-end of the PS store might be it, but I'm not holding my breath.

PS360PCROCKS4258d ago

Will never believe this mag anymore, what's next the sky is falling?

Bathyj4258d ago


Na seriously, it looks good. I cant wait to see those trees moving. I know that sounds silly.

R34GTR4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

"Whipers" Shhhh dont let the xbox fanboys here this... they might take away my bubbles. But I cant wait for this game. It looks soo good.

I sure hope no xbox fanboys read this or my treo of bubbles will be down to two.

FIGHT CENSORSHIP.... FIGHT CENSORSHIP... (Two bubbles here I come. thanks fanboys)

gta_cb4258d ago

umm... i dont think anyone would take away your bubbles becuase of you saying "i cant wait to see this game" .... would they?... *confused face*

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