Armored Core 4 - PS3 vs Xbox 360 Comparison Video

When multiplatform games are released, it seems there is always a big debate over how the version on one console compares to the version on another. Armored Core 4, a big name mech franchise, is coming to both the Xbox 360 and PS3. So the question is, which console does the game look better on? Watch the video and decide for yourself...

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TheFamilyGuy5057d ago (Edited 5057d ago )

I'm actually not completely sure which one looks better. At a lot of points, the PS3 version seems really faded compared to the 360 version, which seems to have richer colors and lighting.

Later in the video though, the 360 version seems too dark compared to the PS3 version.

rj815057d ago

Yup I'm a 360 fanboy but anybody who says they can see a real difference between the two is crazy.

TheFamilyGuy5057d ago (Edited 5057d ago )

Actually there is an noticeable difference between the PS3 version and the Xbox 360 version. To me, the PS3 one seems more faded, and now that I watch it in HD, it looks like the 360 just has sort of a richer look to it.

If you click on "View Video" below the embedded video, I linked the HD video, which is bigger and you can see the differences easily.

Boink5057d ago

the 360 version definitely looks better to start with, more detailed. but later on it seems to be really dark.

I must say, lame game either way:)

specialguest5057d ago

I don't see any difference besides color and contrast. Again these color and contrast level can be adjusted on any television if needed to.

After many comparisons, I think it's safe to presume that every 360 vs PS3 game comparison will show the same results we seem to always see.

giovonni5056d ago

Right out my mouth. It seems they both have the same animation and graphics, but the brightness and contrass are different at times. This can be changed by changing your tv options

kornbeaner5057d ago

there are certain parts in the video where you can't even see the surrounding textures cause its so dark. Going down the missle silo is where the problem is most evident, on the PS3 version you can see the silo walls not so on the 360 version. Color saturation is the one thing that seems to be the most noticable difference when both systems are compared. Somtimes it makes the game more livley on the 360 (like with NBA homecourt) but for this game it just doesn't look right.