Was Ninja Gaiden 2 just a full demo for the xbox 360?

From SouthSideGamer: "Everyone knows that Tecmo has recently announced a sequel to the ps3 exclusive Ninja Gaiden sigma, coming this fall, which is a remake of the first ninja gaiden game on the original xbox. They have said that this will not be a direct port of the xbox 360 version, Ninja Gaiden 2. The features will include an enhanced version of the game with better visuals, Co-op, new characters, fixed camera angle issues, a refined gameplay experience. This does sound exciting for the ps3 fans who have been waiting for more Ninja gaiden sigma games but what about the players on the xbox 360? Will they get some of the updates to fix these issues?"

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Godmars2905449d ago

It was something MS wanted at a certain time - meaning *soon* - with Iagaki's lone-warrior, heroines are only good for "bouncing" mentality hampering more. The PS3 is getting the version where the rest of of th teams took more time with open minds.

chaosatom5449d ago (Edited 5449d ago )

And it even got passed.

Hopefully the trend will continue, and other developers would start using ps3 to its potential. Looks like the 360 was holding back the Ninja within. lol.

StayHigh5449d ago

ng2 for the 360 was horrible the camera sucks, graphics wasnt all that great and it have lots of flaws.A lot of 360 fans are whining right now that we are getting the definite version of Ninja Gaiden 2..

Lfmesquite5449d ago (Edited 5449d ago )

maybe people are making too big a deal about this. Ninja Gaiden 2 was "not" a big seller for 360. It was just not a major impact game, and suddenly they announce a version for PS3 with some enhancements, and people on N4G are making a big deal about it, and I don't think it's that big a deal.

I mean, we're probably still talking about Ninja Gaiden 2. The game kinda disappointed on 360, and now they want another shot, marketing Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 as a new PS3 exclusive, but is it really?

wow, at the disagrees. But, it's my fault. I should know better than to try to reason with the PS3 fanboys.

Unicron5449d ago

Always such petty generalizations on this site. Remember, MGS4 is "just a movie"... until any porting rumors are announced. It's a "big deal" to me because it's NGS2, a sequel to Sigma, which is a game in a franchise I love. I could care less what it sells, and frankly the fact that "gamers" quickly and consistently run to the sales data in defense of any argument these days is pathetic.

NG2 was flawed. NGS2 looks to FIX those flaws, and make the game a better experience. What's more, now I can own it on the console I prefer, with the controller I prefer for action games. So tell me why I SHOULDN'T be excited as a gamer and an NG fan?

ultimolu5449d ago

Ninja Gaiden II was used to derail Metal Gear Solid 4, yes or no?

Ninja-Sama5449d ago

All your suggestions and hard work have gone into forging a true Ninja Gaiden masterpiece. Ninja-Sama is eternally grateful and will make full use all the hours of playtime you poured into the beta.

Lfmesquite5449d ago

Are you saying that Ninja Gaiden 2 was rushed out, just so it could released around the same time as Metal Gear Solid 4?

Could be, I don't know.

FarEastOrient5449d ago

The third-parties of this generation already said f.u. to exclusivity so they are going to use all loop holes they can to release their games. For example the DLC that was thought to be exclusive for Oblivion was later released on the PS3 as a game of the year edition.

This will be the same case of Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition and the Sigma series was titled so that it can "appear" to separate itself from Ninja Gaiden.

Unicron5449d ago

I'm attempting to reason with you, and you huff and puff and generalize about "PS3 fanboys" again. If YOU can't have a serious discussion, why should others be expected to?

ultimolu5449d ago


Congratulations, you have won a consolation prize!

Bnet3435449d ago

Honestly, I don't care for Sigma or Sigma 2. Go ahead and disagree all you want, but the PS3 controller sucks balls for this game, and that's my opinion. See my problem is not that this game is on PS3, it's the fact that I got an incomplete game when I spent $60 on NG2 for 360. THAT"S WHY I AM PISSED. Tecmo would be nothing today if it wasn't for Itagaki. Tecmo can go suck a big one right now. With the exception of the one hit wonder Tecmo Bowl, what's Tecmo mostly known for? Ninja Gaiden and DOA, possibly Fatal Frame and Rygar but those are not acclaimed like DOA and NG. Two of Itagaki's frachises. Hell Itagaki put Tecmo on the map. After he was fired, they had to merge their sorry asses. Screw you Tecmo. You suck balls. How can you backstab fans like that? Pure bullsh*t. /end rant

Unicron5449d ago

To each his own... personally I LOVE the PS3 controller for these types of games. It wasn't until Sigma hit that I really started to appreciate the the combat, as I couldn't STAND the Xbox controller for games like this.

And yeah, as I said before, I take no pleasure in seeing fans of a series that is on both consoles being snubbed. It's Lost & The Damned all over again, but reversed.

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BattleAxe5449d ago

For testing NG2 to make sure that a proper quality assurance was done before I get it on my PS3. I sure can't wait to play co-op in NG2 :D

IdleLeeSiuLung5449d ago (Edited 5449d ago )

I don't know why we have all this snobby behavior due to this improved version of the game coming out on the PS3, but it appears a lot of people (or should I say PS3 fans) were jealous that the 360 got this exclusive game as evident by the behavior.

It is almost a year later and I got to enjoy it on the 360 all this time. I'm happy that I now get more Ninja Gaiden. I don't care if it is on the PS3 or 360 as long as I get more Ninja Gaiden with or without blood!

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Montreafart5449d ago

The ultimate ninja gaiden experience ---> only on PS3.

Sucks to be an xbot.

A game touted as one of 360s last exclusives and touted as permanent exclusive, nothing but a damn beta demo in the end. Sucks to be an xbot.

Thats what happens when you buy a 360. There is no developer in this world thats loyal to the 360 because they all know where 360 stands: faulty hardware and overhyped sales and MS arrogance.

You think companies like EPIC, Bethesa, Bungie etc enjoy working with MS? LOL if thats the case, then why do they talk bad about MS all the time? Care to explain that?

The only reason they are working with MS, is because MS writes big fat checks. Well, those days are over. And thus ends their relationship.


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Ischan5449d ago

SSG : "why didn’t developers fix these issues and give the gamers these new assets for the original game?"
Itagaki : "PS3 port of Ninja Gaiden II "would be a loss of face for everyone involved."


chaosatom5449d ago

saying 360 is most powerful system was really foolish of him. Maybe he was fond of MS too much.

ThanatosDMC5449d ago

After the interview he said, "Check please!"

DelbertGrady5449d ago (Edited 5449d ago )

We haven't seen the game yet, have we? I will believe the hype when I see the games side by side.

Also, you need to accept that not all developers share your 4-D vision when it comes to the PS3. Itagaki is as entitled to his opinion as any of Sony's developers are to theirs when praising the PS3.

Major_Tom5449d ago

4D is growth over time.. Lol. It already exists in games.

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Sevir045449d ago

Soooo!!! you can actually call NG2 on xbox 360 a beta test... itagaki really sounds stupid, he said the ps3 couldn't handle a graphics intenisve game like NG2... boy doesn't he feel really crunchy right now!!!

StayHigh5449d ago

haha..i laugh at him when he tried to say the 360 is a more powerful system..everyone know by now the PS3 is a beast when it comes to graphics..

kevnb5449d ago

but i dont think he really cares or takes things all that seriously. he says controversial things and it gets him attention...

Montreafart5449d ago

Fact is: anyway that claims the 360 is more powerful than the PS3, is utterly delusional.

PS3 is simply the most powerful and anyone with an OBJECTIVE mindset knows this. This isnt exactly new either. People been saying this since the day PS3 launched. But to the 360 fanboys...lol.

I mean ask yourself how dumb and blind certain people are if they actually BELIEVED in MSs lies and MSs PR lies (like Itagaki) claiming nonsense that NG2 cant be done on PS3 and that 360 is most powerful.

ORLY? Get fking real. And after Uncharted, MGS4, and KZ2 there is no DOUBT about it anymore. PS3 is over 20 times more powerful than the 360.

Uncharted 2, Infamous, Heavy Rain, GT5 and GOW3 will continue to proof this.