Wheelman Review (Games Xtreme)

Games Xtreme writes: "So…the first thing I'm going to say regarding the Wheelman is that it's a lot of fun, the second thing I'm going to say about the Wheelman is that it's also not Grand Theft Auto IV and it's not trying to be GTA. Open world games began well before Rockstar managed to corner the market and push out a highly successful franchise. It will draw GTA comparisons regardless, just not from me."

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nix3494d ago

wow... i've tried the demo and it lacks in everything. traffic, people, graphics, character. i am surprised they gave it 9. it deserves 4 in my opinion.

Doctor_Doom3494d ago

It was good, I don't know but it feels like Getaway for me

Sangria3494d ago

That's why i hate some reviewers. Wheelman is fun but it's like Saints Row 2, it's very low technically. Aliasing, blurry textures, low polygon models, sh!tty animations, without scenario, etc... So no, whatever how much fun can be Wheelman, it clearly does not deserve a 9/10.

Rockox3494d ago

I thought the demo was some good, dumb fun. But 9/10? Wow. Then again, what would you expect from a website called Games Xtreme?