TGR Editorial: Why Isn't Killzone 2 Selling?

The hype around Killzone 2 was enormous, and reviews were raving, so why hasn't that translated into success at the counter?

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oliver3444266d ago

numbers and links or GTFO !!!!!!

Viewtiful4266d ago

lol if you actually looked at the article you'd have seen that there IS a link to the UK sales charts.

So in response I say: "Read the article or GTFO !!!"

jammy_704266d ago

an they say only 60% have been online

that aint bad you no!!!


Arsenal4Ever4266d ago

Seems like VGchartz was correct about KZ2's 1.16 million worlwide sales then.

sonarus4266d ago

I don't know about other regions but marketing for Killzone 2 was VERY poor. The advert for US was very dull and there was no gamestop promotion. The best they could come up with was pre order and get demo. SF4, Halo wars and RE5 all had excellent promotion at gamestop.

Not a fvkin KZ2 poster in gamestop. Sony relied too much on internet hype. But eventually the title will sell. It will probably break 2 million

Aclay4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

The author that wrote this has no proof whatsoever that Killzone 2 isn't selling. The only thing there is is just 2 days worth of sales from February's NPD. There's no Official European numbers whatsoever.

Just because Sony hasn't said anything about how well it's sold so far doesn't mean it's not selling, and It's a shame that this generation of gaming has revolved so much around the Sales of games rather than more about Games themselves. Until this generation of gaming I didn't know how well ANY game was selling and didn't care.

Even with all of the issues that Killzone 1 had, it went on to sell over 2 million copies, and regardless how high or low the initial Killzone 2 sales numbers are, I see no reason why Killzone 2 won't be able to double Killzone 1's lifetime sales numbers, and be at around 3.5-4 million by the end of this year.

I'm not worried about how well KZ2 is selling, my focus is on all these great exclusives coming to the PS3. If anyone else wants to argue over sales numbers, then go right ahead.

Skynetone4266d ago

or maybe because the controls are crap, or maybe because people dont like the colour grey

fishd4266d ago

Sorry for the wrong link!can't edit the damn thing!

UnwanteDreamz4266d ago

I have a couple things to say about this.

Why do fanpeople get to speak for the PS3 community?

I never expected KZ2 to break any sales record. I never expected a Halo killer (don't even know what that is supposed to be). What I did expect was a can't miss FPS for my console and I got exactly what I hoped for.

What kind of brain dead idiot would actually think a sequel to a mediocre FPS on a playstation console would be the greatest sales blockbuster this gen? I mean PS consoles aren't even known for FPS.

I am so f*cking tired of all these tools saying sh*t like

"Killzone 2 was The One. It was supposed to shatter all records, to kill off the 360, the one that all other first person shooters would have to look up to but most importantly, it was the one that would dethrone Halo 3."

Who said that? I mean seriously what rational person thinks that way? No the truth is there are plenty of gamers out there that were hyped about KZ2 being a great game. I can only speak for me when I say I was not hyped about anything sales related. Sadly we gamers have to be lumped in with the 12 year olds, by the idiots who give them a voice and pretend its the only voice speaking.

mental midgets

SuperM4266d ago

Once again the media claims that KZ2 was supposed to be the game that crushed the 360 and put and end to all other FPS games, and that since it didnt do that it failed. And the guys starts comparing by bringing up halo 3 numbers... how retarded isnt that. In what world would a sequel to an average FPS game sell more then the third installment of the most popular fps game on consoles who happened to have a marketing budget of 30 million dollars. Ofcourse Halo3 is going to own KZ2 in sales, its f'in common sense. This article is yet another pile of fail constructed to feed hits from fanboys. If you are gonna make an article like this atleast bring the f'in sales numbers. But, only sony knows the sales so please just shut up.

TheTwelve4266d ago

Simple. People who bought the 360 bought it for games like Halo and GoW.

Same can't be said for Killzone 2 and the PS3. The gaming demographic on the PS3 is easily the most diverse amongst the current next-gen consoles.

That being said, I'm sure that Sony is happy with a bunch of pretty-good selling 1st party games, rather than 1 or 2 mega-sellers.

People blame Sony for not advertising, but if you're watching baseball at all, you'll see MLB '09 commercials on every other inning.

Now people may ask why MLB '09 is being advertised and not Killzone 2.

Well, that goes back to what I've always thought---there are so many PS3 games to advertise...and in my opinion too many. Which ones should Sony pick?


testerg354266d ago

UnwantedDreamz, ummm.. nasim and several other hardcore PS3 fans say hello.. They pretty much said that KZ2 will kill all 360 games in sales. Hell pretty much every PS3 exclusive will destroy all 360 sales.

UnwanteDreamz4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

How old are you?

"nasim and several other hardcore PS3 fans say hello"

Why don't you PM nasim and the several other fans and tell them "nanny nanny boo boo?"

Millions of other PS3 fans in this world are tired of hearing "I told you so" being shouted back and forth. Like I said before, these claims were made by mental midgets, and everyone clamoring to tell them they were wrong are just as childish/ignorant.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

Halo 3 and Gears 2 sold millions in 24hrs, Killzone 2 is nearly a month old and is just over a million.

whothedog4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

For the most part its the one side of fanboys claiming the other side said this, or they heard say it so now everyone who owns a ps3/360/wii must think that way also and everyone is lumped into the same group, whether or not you feel like that and your going to be a fanboy no matter what you say.

also a few questions for you...

Why is the average joe so considered with sales, first it doesn't benefit me at all other than it might go on greatest hits sooner. UNTIL i see money coming into my pocket because of how well it sold is when I will give a F, though i do get happy for the studios that are selling their product in buttloads.

Selling a lot does not make a game good, it doesn't get more good( :D ) the more it sells, its the same quality when it comes out to when it sells millions. Just some games are more mainstream than others, I mean how much did halflife sell the first few months? years? I don't know honestly Im asking you. I guessing not crazy numbers but anyways if you like a game thats all that matters.

Personally so far I'm getting motion sickness from playing the game so I haven't even played it but maybe a hour at the most.

Ghoul4266d ago

"Halo 3 and Gears 2 sold millions in 24hrs, Killzone 2 is nearly a month old and is just over a million. "

your point is?

does that make killzone a bad game ? or worse ?
i love em all three and had a blast with every single one of them.

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Alcon4266d ago

"Halo 3 and Gears 2 sold millions in 24hrs, Killzone 2 is nearly a month old and is just over a million. "

So what does it show you? That XBox owners prefer shooters?
I only own a PS3, and my friends as well, and I must say not everyone likes the same things. Some love shooters, others more platform games, other action,adventure,horror, and so forth. The thing is, because during the PS2 there where so many diversified games, every one could pick up a game by the genre he likes. You could not say that the PS2 is for example an racing games console.
On the other hand the XBox, was known more for shooters, and those that loved the shooting genre bought an XBox.
So on to the next gen consoles, it is basically the same thing (same kind of people).
You will never see a shooter, or any other genre sell really like crazy, on the PS3. There are many games that sold very well (at least over a million), like MGS, Ratchet, LBP, Uncharted, Resistance 2,....Every one of those games sold very well, no one sold crazy numbers the first days, because not everyone likes those genres;but they do tend to continue selling (not all sales are made the first week).
Coming back to my friends, believe it or not, some didn't by KZ2, others never heard of Uncharted, others did not by MGS (I know that's just crazy, I tried to tell them, but they don't really care lol), some of them would never consider buying Ratchet or LBP (in their eyes, these games are for kids or teenagers); I bought all of those games, but some of my friends didn't, even though the games are great.
The funny thing is that all my friends like sports games (fifa, nba, ...) but I don't like it, and have never bought one lol.
What I'm trying to say is that whoever tried to say that KZ2 would sell millions the first day, was just a stupid guy with no grasp of reality.

Saigon4266d ago

wait until march NPD numbers to decide whether or not KZ2 did what it was suppose to...Look at the numbers Gamestop provided...we are in the fourth week of March and KZ2 is still in the top 5 after eing out for almost a month...if that does not say a thing...i don't know what does...lets wait till April when we can get the real numbers...

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badz1494266d ago

still complaint about the controls and then say KZ2 is a one-off game, I don't know what you're playing! I played the demo many times but never felt wrong with the controls and then I bought KZ2 and then updated it to the latest version and it's simply the best FPS I've ever played hands down! albeit not playing that many FPS but I've played the like of Halo, Crysis and CoD2 on PC, CoD4, HL2, R:FoM & R2 but still KZ2 has the best experience so far! the onlime MP is among the best I've ever had and I think many will agree - not because of hype, but because it's actually really really GOOD! I also want it to sell like hotcakes as much as Sony but what really matters is the fact that I bought it and I'm having a great time! this game is no flop - far from it! it delivers and it's AWESOME! haters can go to HELL!

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HolyOrangeCows4266d ago

''It was supposed to shatter all records, to kill off the 360, the one that all other first person shooters would have to look up to but most importantly, it was the one that would dethrone Halo 3''
It's always the fanboys who start this garbage. No one at Sony said anything like that.

And besides, this is based off of what, the first 2 days of February sales data? No, wait, your source is you vaguely CLAIMING that it's not selling well in the UK? Geez.

And because it's not on the top ten sales chart, means it's not selling to expectations? And since only fanboys started the ''outsell halo'' trash, this was never an expectation that Sony set to meet.

HolyOrangeCows4266d ago

Only people like you start the idea of Sony fans believing it will outsell halo. Neither Sony or their fans had any plans for it to be a ''halo killer''

As long as it was good and not an overhyped, cartoony shooter for twelve year olds no one cares.

Baba19064266d ago

who cares the game rocks, the online is so much fun. its the first shooter i have played this much online after warhawk. unlocking the different classes and skills is really fun and playing with a good group is just awesome. its not like the sells will make the game worse or better. enjoy it.

jtucker784266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

Bubbles for you Baba. I feel the same way.
The multiplayer is second to none.
Sales don't affect me as I have the game, my mates have the game. That's all that affects me personally.

Sales don't directly bother me, although I would like the game to do well as the guys at Guerilla deserve the money and I want them to earn lots of it ... so they can put some of it back into the company and produce KZ3 :-)

Saint Sony4265d ago

I would blame Sony. They could have done so much better from the start of PS3 launch. They trusted too much that they don't need any marketing at all (ok there's some but lame).

Killzone2 is one of the games you should buy if you play with your PS3, but I guess people mostly watch movies.

NIGHT_HAWK32104265d ago

people who are blasting this guy are obviously fanboys with no point of view. everything he is saying is true. ps3 fanboys are babies, as soon as killzone is compared to an xbox game the fanboys go crazy. ps3 fanboys know that these things are true but cant come to grips with their own insecurities. as for the 700,000 people who have played killzone, yesterday around 10:00 ct there were 4200 people on (what a joke). i love the game, just wish people would play. killzone just wont sell as many as gears or halo since there arent as many ps3's out there. oh yeah and there are too many pussies who flame killzone for controls that will never play it again, and tell people not to play it or buy it.

thats_just_prime4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

gamers realized that no matter how good the graphics are nothing can make up for poor gameplay and the awful control.

lessthanmarcus4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

700,001, I just started playing this game online yesterday. Hopefully the controls get easier as you get use to them. otherwise I don't see myself working my way up the rankings. I'm use to games like CoD and Halo with precision aim.

Jake11114265d ago

Also, I dont give a darn about any fanboy's jealous comment because they cant afford a PS3.

I have BOTH systems and can say this with no BIAS. Killzone 2 is one of the most amazing games I have ever played. I have finished it twice now and still want more. I sometimes stop and look up at the sky and gasp at the detail, sound, lighting etc that this game presents.

It is amazing!


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happyface4266d ago

good article

Master Chief and Marcus Fenix LOL at little killzone

UnwanteDreamz4266d ago

Adults laugh their a**es off at little kids pretending their heros are real......

Anon19744266d ago

It won't change the fact that I'd be wrong. Just like this article isn't based in reality. The media was the one hyping up this game, not PS3 fans. Go back and have a look through the forums. Sure, PS3 fans were excited about this game but only the most isolated fanboys claimed it would spell the end of the 360. Strike one against this article.

Strike 2 was claiming that Killzone 2 was supposed to be a Halo 3 equivalent. No one has ever claimed that. Killzone is great game, arguably even better than Halo 3 but no one claimed it would outdo Halo 3 in sales.

Strike 3 is, of course, this game is selling great! Over one million sold in less than a month? That's an extremely rare feat for any game.

And what do they blame for this make believe problem? Why, Sony marketing, of course! Look...just because there weren't Killzone flavored slurpees and Helgast Breast Pumps like we saw with Halo 3 marketing doesn't mean Sony wasn't doing anything. I saw tonnes of ads in Canada, on TV, in magazines, on buses, etc..etc. Some city in Ontario actually pulled all the Killzone posters from bus stops because some kids found them too scary and parents complained. This articles fails in everything it attempts to do.

It's like LittleBigPlanet all over again. Everyone was falling over themselves to explain how LBP was a flop and it's at what now? 2 million, probably hitting 3 or 4 million before it's all over?
Where are the articles examining why Banjo Kazooie didn't sell? Or why Halo Wars has only just now hit 1 million? Or what's happening to Star Ocean. What's with the double standard?

stewie328874266d ago

Honestly, I can't explain this. One could blame marketing, but really I can't think of any PS3 owners who don't know of this game. It should be selling more than it is.

happyface4266d ago

msg board nerd hype doesn't translate to the real world?

SirLarr4266d ago

Because it's on the PS3?

redfield854266d ago

Ding, ding, ding!

While Killzone is a good game, I just think the series isn't as big in the eyes of consumers as it is in the eyes of Sony.

predator4266d ago

lol, nah its not cos its on ps3, its just that Sony don't know how to market there game like MS does, if Sony marketed Killzone 2 like MS did Halo 3 then this could be totally different

VampHuntD4266d ago

Sont doesn't market anything well. I've always said that the Sony PR policy is something along the lines of he or she that reaches the mic first can speak. This leads to misinformation, flubs and bad marketing and publicity.

SiLeNt KNighT4266d ago

Ive seen the MLB The Show 09 commercial with Dustin Pedroya 472 times. That ones actually decent, kinda funny. The same, lame Kz2 commercial comes on in the middle of the night and they dont sponsor ANYTHING with the KZ name. Halo was on everything from soda bottles to sporting events to a commercial spot every 5 minutes on every single channel. My grandma could tell you what halo is by now. Kz2 is pretty much the best game I've ever played (Favorite genre = FPS) but it needs the marketing to show that. Especially here in the US.

and to the article. its selling extremely well. This guy has seen 2 days of sales and hes already trying to make a fanboy claim for hits on his sight? get outta here with that crap, not even gonna hit the link.

beatrixkiddo4266d ago

we need to stop acting like we know better than a massive electronic corporation when it comes to marketing or anything business related for that matter. Do we really think sony doesn't have it's reasons for not marketing KZ2 through the roof? Perhaps they have done some research on the subject? Perhaps they looked into it before throwing millions into a video game. As much as i hear people giving sony instruction on what they should do to market games, sony should come to N4G to find out how to sell their games instead of using years of experience and research.

brycespitler4266d ago

get rid of the joker avatar and put uma thurman from kill bill on there

support your name damnit

SiLeNt KNighT4265d ago

thats a little hypocritical when its common sense. more advertising will get your name out there more. sony has a lot of pride, same reason they wont pay for exclusives (like MS does), or make hardware easy to develop for. sony themselves said way back when for the ps2 that they want developers to learn their hardware and not the other way around. while i agree with this part, let new tech pave the way and let the developers learn to make better games with new hardware, i dont agree with not marketing one of the biggest games this generation simply because the sony name is so popular. If halo didnt have the advertising it had/has it would be NO WHERE near where it is today. the game is decent but nothing extrodinary among other games. if Kz2 got more marketing it would sell even more. common sense really. years of market research and knowledge cant argue with my good buddy common sense.

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Ocelot39974266d ago

Oh I dunno. Maybe because it's not as good as everyone pretends it is?

Lord Vader4266d ago

*No co-op + nine hour campaign + gimped controls & a forgetable story.

Only worth a rental. I'm surprized it has sold as much as it has really.

olLANDSHARKlo4266d ago

I played it once and haven't played it since. Overhyped, like most ps3 games.