Need For Speed: Shift - first footage

CVG writes:

"EA has released the first in-game footage from Need For Speed: Shift. As you'll see below, it's looking awesome but we all know a driving game is about the handling more than pretty crashes. Still, we're sure Codemasters will be hitting the big red panic button right about now.

Need For Speed: Shift is due out in Europe on September 17 with the US following on Sept. 22."

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Arsenal4Ever5592d ago

I'm not going to lie, that looks bettter than GT5P imo. Or maybe it's just the motion blur.

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BrunoM5592d ago (Edited 5592d ago )

Well it does look nice i dont know about being the BEST looking but it does look nice i like the look ...

and ONE thing is for sure it looks to be the best Need For Speed sence the dirst one lol..!!!

so for sure one thing it is the best looking NFS

likedamaster5592d ago (Edited 5592d ago )

I take it you only play GT5P? You are only setting yourself up for disappointment waiting for GT5 to raise the bar with such unrealistic standards.

I'm just happy we're(fans) finally getting a decent looking/playing NFS game this gen. And yes, so far it's the best looking.

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SuperM5592d ago

NFS shift is 720p 30fps. GT5 is 1080p 60fps. So GT5 wins easy

ZuperAmazingCooKie5592d ago

1. It doesn't look better than GT5:P, let alone GT5
2. It is not a simulator
3. It runs at inferior framerates and resolutions


Ghoul5592d ago (Edited 5592d ago )

dbl post....

Ghoul5592d ago (Edited 5592d ago )

am i the only one missing any damage model? so far i havent seen a scratch in this video

5592d ago
Ghoul5592d ago

your comments are

and plain useless.

green5592d ago

i don't even know why you are already tagging NFS:S one of the racers of the year.WHen was the last very good NFS title released?

OMGHI5591d ago (Edited 5591d ago )

It looks sexy, that's all Ima say :)

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Sangria5592d ago (Edited 5592d ago )

Updated: Thanks Mandaspt for having submitted Eurogamer video, i can't load Windows Media videos.
It looks very good, let's just hope it will be more simulation than arcade. But for a game developed in one year, i guess we shouldn't expect too much.

DelbertGrady5592d ago

It's not from the same developer as the past crappy NFS games, and we don't know exactly how long it's been in development. It's been a NFS game for a year, yes, but the developers have probably been working on the project longer than that before EA picked it up.

I'm hyped!

2 cents5592d ago

looks good but the speed seems a bit unrealistic. I know is not a sim but i thought is more sim than arcade.

thereapersson5592d ago

I thought the sense of speed looked a bit unrealistic.

I'm sure they have time to fix up any problems though, and that includes the inconsistent framerate in this video. I'm actually interested in playing the demo to this game, since I didn't care at all for GRiD. Hopefully this can fill the void until Forza 3 and GT:5 comes out.

Cherchez La Ghost5592d ago

Speed unrealistic?!! Have you ever drove a car 120-140mph?!

thereapersson5592d ago

I think it was an illusion partly due to the small size of the video, and therefore having the FOV being compressed. Plus the framerate dipped a lot, so a lot of the action didn't translate well to me.

Like I said, I'm going to reserve judgement on this until I actually play the demo. It might turn out to be a surprise hit for all we know.

Cherchez La Ghost5592d ago (Edited 5592d ago )

But look at how many objects that are moving in the crash scene?! The more you have moving, the more framerate will drop. If you look at Forza, you'll have a bumper here, a cone there. In NFS, you have multiple cars crashing. That takes processing power. You don't expect a car to have the same numbers in a quarter-mile when driving uphill versus on a flat surface.

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Dimitri5592d ago (Edited 5592d ago )

Looking good :)

I like the engine roar in the NFS games :)

xlx-russ_925592d ago

lol. stupid driver, learn how to drive.