1UP Review: Henry Hatsworth In The Puzzling Adventure Writes:

"The game mostly manages to walk that fine line between catering toward the casual and the hardcore, but in those moments when it leans more toward the hardcore crowd, you experience DS-shaking frustration. Perhaps I've just outgrown the taste for that punishing, old school flavor, but Henry Hatsworth can be genuinely trying. Despite its colorful graphics, whimsical appeal, and charmingly silly dialogue, this game may just be too difficult for the non-gamers in your life. Heck, I've run through my double digits worth of lives on one boss fight while reviewing this. (Or, alternate theory, I suck.) It's still worthwhile to check out so long as you have realistic expectations, but don't be surprised if your not-so-game-savvy mother can't get past the third world."

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