Top Ten Mini-Game Distractions

Many videogame releases feature mini-games as a distraction, or as has come to pass in more games recently, an intentional and cleverly positioned change in pace from the core gameplay. Final Fantasy is a series that has earned note for the former, with every instalment in the main bloodline having featured at least one mini-game of some sort, and the likes of Mass Effect and Heavy Rain have used them as devices to chart progress or punctuate tense moments. Either inclusion can offer respite for a weary player, but key to successful implementation is the reward that players receive. Some arbitrary note or statistic is all well and good, but when they lead onto further exploration and adventure, it’s clear that the developers have thought carefully about their placement.

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XANDEO3979d ago (Edited 3979d ago )

Triple Triad was my fave game in a game eva, i must of spent more time on that than i did playing the actual game that game was proper addictive!!
Good times hope they bring it back in some form in the future , id be happy with a psn/xbla game that links with the next ff.


i really hope vs has a card game but dont give wada ideas about putting it as a dlc psn game

Acquiescence3979d ago

The Yakuza series the king of the mini-game though. There are tons upon tons in those games. It's what made getting the platinum for 3 such a bitch.

IrishYamato3979d ago (Edited 3979d ago )

Anything that isnt killing, stabbing, punching, hitting, stomping, murdering, slaping, whacking, biting, ripping, and explosion-ing is a distraction.

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The story is too old to be commented.