VBG: Why Is Cammy Such a Ho?

This week's VBG takes a look at the scantily clad British combatant from Capcom's recent Street Fighter IV, asking the all-important question, "Why is Cammy such a ho?"

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cain1413504d ago

She really is... Plus isn't the actress an Aussie?

- Ghost of Sparta -3504d ago

How is Cammy a ho? Sakura's the one with all the hentai.

jeseth3504d ago

There's nothing wrong with it but thats how I see. I just love over sexed real life chicks.

To each his own. Hahahahaha!

P.S. SF4 is awesome!

shawnsl653503d ago

Select Sakura

Hold Crouch + hard kick (round house) "Pause"

i notice that the 2nd time i use her. I don't think she's wearing anything since you can see her anatomy if you know what i mean. Either that or it's see through panties/gstring.

SL1M DADDY3503d ago

Thank goodness Capcom doesn't like the Camel toe... Can't see Cammy with such.

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Ocelot39973504d ago

ROFL. This is hilarious.

cayal3503d ago

Hoes: The only people who can unite PS3 and 360 fanboys.

Viewtiful3504d ago

I don't think Cammy is any more of a Ho than any other Capcom fighter. Just look at the Darkstalkers series I mean jeez...THOSE games had some hos.

ihaten4glol3504d ago

Eh. =/ I was hoping the title belied different content but I was disappointed. Funny, though.

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The story is too old to be commented.