Why Street Fighter V is my final fight

A life-long fan of Street Fighter explains why he’s gone from loving the fourth entry to abandoning the fifth one and its online economy.

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Knushwood Butt30d ago

So vanilla SF IV was great was it?

AK9129d ago

Well it wasn't as good as SSF4 or SSF4:AE but it was far superior to Vanilla SF5

Knushwood Butt28d ago

Why? Because it had 'arcade mode'?

King629d ago

This dude is a super causal.

xX1NORM1Xx29d ago

Congrats on joining us, i don't know how they can have extra backing from sony and still launch in a worse state than the 4th did, like what the hell are you doing with the money capcom? Its a real shame SF4 was my favorite and i had so much fun playing against my cousin even though i sucked but capcom really fucked it up big time.

Ill be waiting for SF6 but i doubt ill give a shit because so many fighting games have come out that are just flat out better and it isn't slowing down, Dragon ball fighterz is a really fun fighting game for me and i don't even like dragon ball...