Street Fighter Producer Says Fans Need To "Convince" Nintendo, If They Want More Entries On Switch

In the same interview at EGX 2019 recently, Capcom and Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono responded to a fan question asking if there were any plans to bring the fourth or fifth entries in the series to the Nintendo Switch.

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gamer7804535d ago

they botched SFV so bad, just start over, make a new version with proper single player mode and fully fleshed out with support for all of the consoles this time.

King9535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

[email protected] they already did kinda it call sf5ae it help sf5 sell like another 2 million copies.

Teflon02535d ago

SFV is actually great now. Bunch of modes, bunch of characters, alot of stages, not sure what else there is to even complain about. Costume MTX? Not a issue imo, I don't get what I don't want anyways

gamer7804535d ago

botched launch, and they launched only on one console and currently after a long time still on one console.

Enigma_2099535d ago

Did you see how Ultra and the Collection sold? We don't need to convince Nintendo of anything. Just put it on the console.PHYSICALLY.

King9535d ago

[email protected] they probably have to make a new sf game just for the switch they probably will need Nintendo to help fund it just like sony help fund sf5.

PhoenixUp535d ago

You’re not seeing Street Fighter V come to other platforms besides PC because Sony helped co-fund the game so it’s staying only on PS4 & PC

NapalmSanctuary535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

Don't know why anybody would want SF5 on Switch. Especially if they owned a Switch.

rainslacker535d ago

That doesn't makes sense. Is Nintendo saying that Capcom can't publish the game on the system because it's users don't want the game? if so, that's really stupid of them, because why should they care?

Nintendo isn't saying such things of course.

Capcom shouldn't pass the buck. If they don't want to make more SF games on the Switch, then just say so, and say why.

If they want Nintendo to fund the project, then they are the ones that need to convince Nintendo to give them money.

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