God of War 1 vs. God of War 2: A look at how the Graphics Improved reports:

"God of War II may use the same engine as the original God of War, but that doesn't mean the graphics are the same. The game development team was able to polish up the graphics and design more ambitious levels for the sequel. When asked to describe the graphical improvement, God of War II director Cory Barlog told GameSpot, "It's a huge difference. It's not as huge as in a generational difference where people say look at PS2 versus PS3, but Kratos, the model of Kratos in one and the model of Kratos in two, in God of War II is astounding--the quality difference."

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JohnCarpenter4632d ago

This is really no big thing and not a benefit for the gameplay at all.
But God of War showed, how a action "videogame" should be. Maximum fun, perfect fast gameplay, challenging and almost fair from the beginning to the end. There are not so much games like this. Resident Evil 4 was equal, Prince of Persia has some frustrating moments.
I'll definitely buy God of War 2.

OC_MurphysLaw4632d ago

In fact some screens GOW looked better than GOW2. Either way....great game and that is all that matters.