Killzone 2 Review From That Aussie Game Site

Aaron from That Aussie Game Site writes: "All hype to the contrary Killzone 2 is not the fabled messiah of shooter games that trounces all that has come before; it's not the best FPS game to come out so far on any platform, it's not the best looking FPS game so far (does no one remember Crysis?), in fact it may not even be the best FPS game in 2009. New games should push boundaries; they should excite and inspire other game developers. Killzone 2 does neither of these things and if it doesn't correct some of the quirks in using multiplayer Killzone 2 could pass quickly as a pretty face that sold a few PS3's. Visually and audibly Killzone 2 is the bees knees and no Playstation 3 owner should be without it. It might not be a clear winner in the imaginary war for console supremacy but it definitely sits at the cool kids table with the cream of games released over the last few years. Hopefully it's the beginning of a trend in games stretching the Playstation 3 hardware to its full potential. Bottom line, Killzone 2 is great, really great, it's not the best by a few paces, but it's definitely running with the big dogs and in a genre as saturated as first person shooters that says a lot."

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callahan093599d ago

What's with these reviewers breaking down Killzone 2 as though they must prove that it's not perfect rather than just talking about the game from the perspective of someone who owns a PS3 and has 60 dollars to spend on a game. Because if you look at it that way, Killzone 2 is a great buy: nice showcase of the system's audiovisual capabilities, fun campaign, addictive multiplayer, nice variety of trophies . . . It's an extremely well-done game that's lots of fun, haters be damned.

TheHater3599d ago

I just got Platinum on Killzone 2 :)

SoapShoes3599d ago

Despite the good score, I stopped reading the review after the first couple of sentences. Pretty dumb how they go on and on how it's not perfect or the best, etc... :| You could have said that about any shooter this gen if you really wanted to nitpick hard on them.

NewZealander3599d ago

is the full game any better then the demo? just wondering because this review pretty much sums up how i felt after the demo version, sure the game looks good, but if i had to be honest i think there is too much hype behind it and i still think GOW2 looks better, but thats just my opinion, i just felt some things were a bit lacking in the demo.

congrats to sony tho.

callahan093599d ago

Full game is way better than the demo. There are significantly more interesting and fun to use weapons in the game than you get to use in the demo, the demo also has the most generic and boring level design of all the areas of the entire game, and finally the demo has a significantly less impressive visual design because it has fewer light sources and less weather effects going on than any of the other levels. The rest of the game has better weapons, more interesting level designs, and more impressive visuals.

NewZealander3599d ago

thanx callahan09, yeah i was wondering about the effects, i heard alot about them prior to the demo and was wondering what all the fuss was about, the other effect i was a little bit underwhelmed by was the grenade explosions, but im guessing they touched that up too.

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Lawrst3599d ago

But this review is dealing with the game that has a massive weight on its shoulders, i know this reviewer, he plays a lot of ps3, and a lot of 360.
I only have a ps3 and i think this should be a 5/5 but its this persons opinion of the game and he is critically reviewing this game on its merits. He wasnt ever harsh on the game as such just comparing it against other FPS and other big exclusives for the 360 which is its main competion.