IGN: Dead Space Extraction Interview

Mark Bozon of IGN writes:
"Dead Space Extraction is quickly becoming one of the most talked about, heated, and anticipated games on the Wii outside of Nintendo's own first party offerings, with news, screens, interviews, and trailers spawning all sorts of discussion on the world of on-rails shooters, and the debut of the critically acclaimed franchise from EA. We were the first to show off details on Extraction, and we're continuing our coverage with fresh new screens today, as well as a quick interview with Steve Papoutsis, the executive producer on the project. We pick his brain on the game's buzz thus far, as well as of course the topic everyone is talking about; the game's on-rails nature.

Read up on what is looking to be one of the biggest hardcore titles this year on Wii, and then check out the latest screens direct from EA."

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