Timbaland Making A Game With Rockstar

2K Games announces new PSP beat-making game, Beaterator.

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monkey6025602d ago

Beaterator ?? seriously? what kind of name is that for a game?

krazy14kraz5602d ago

I know. It is the same name of the web game that this game is based on.

PataponKnight5602d ago

Sounds like Chris Brown's kinda game.

ElementX5602d ago

It's funny cause it's true! I saw on some tabloid that they got married! OMG they're both pathetic. Chris should go to prison and become some man's b!tch for once.

DelbertGrady5602d ago

He sings like if he was one already. And no matter how hard he tries he will never be the new Bobby Brown or the new Ike Turner. He just doesn't have it in him.

LoVeRSaMa5602d ago

Whats with all the Rappers and RnB artists making "Gangsta" games of themselves which blatently rip GTA.

Atleast if this game is like that he will be working with the creators of GTA.

solidt125602d ago

It won't be a game. It will be an App to make beats with.

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krazy14kraz5602d ago

sounds like an interesting game

Madgunner5602d ago

I love timbaland's beats one of my favorite producers

Kevin McCallister5602d ago

Same here. I wonder how in-depth it will be.

DelbertGrady5602d ago

Would be cool if it lets you record samples. Does the PSP have a mic?

RememberThe3575602d ago

It'll be good. The man has produced some of the best R&B and hip-hip songs out there. But lets do hope it's a fun little game.

rockleex5602d ago

Or Pharrell.

Before anyone knocks Kanye West, he may say stupid stuff, but he's still one of the best producers out there. Not only that he's also one of the best rappers in the industry right now. Not to mention... he's garnering plenty of new fans outside of the Hip Hop genre with his song Heartless right now. ^_^

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Zeus Lee5602d ago

Bad idea,won't work unless it comes with an Add-on of sorts.

RememberThe3575602d ago

It's been done before. There was an MTV game of the same concept that worked pretty well.

XLiveGamer5602d ago (Edited 5602d ago )

Whoa a beat making game?