Jay Electronica – Unreleased Beaterator Instrumental

Rockstar writes: "Jay Electronica, who's been blowing up airwaves this year here in New York and worldwide with his breakout Just Blaze-produced anthem, "Exhibit C" – was one of several artists who passed through the Beaterator Lounge a few months back to test out the beatmaking abilities of Beaterator for PSP.

Digging through our files, we came across this unreleased original beat he whipped up that day live on the spot in just a few minutes flat. Simple, bass-heavy and vocals-ready with a funky electronic cascade to it"

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DelbertGrady5249d ago

Perhaps he should stick to rapping.

lucifon5249d ago

Well that was an annoying tune

Software_Lover5248d ago

And they posted this up why? Because he's some big name? I've heard better from no names.

LIVE_FR0M_NY5248d ago (Edited 5248d ago )

Wow i cant believe i paused "The stimulus package" to hear that bullshit (Album of the year so far)

He's no producer, but i've heard beats from Jay elec, i make beats, and i have used beaterator... lets be real that sh!t is garbage. no HOT beats gunna come outta beaterator, its a JOKE.

DRNU205248d ago

He's a rapper/producer contributing to a beat based game...see the correlation. U N4g guys are such haters...its ok...k

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Speed-Racer4968d ago

Some useful links here to send me off for 2010

stylez844968d ago

Rockstar fans rejoice! Now your family has no excuse for why they didn't get you that Rockstar game for a gift!