Gaming Age: Beaterator Review

Okay, so once there was an awesome game for the DS that was this synthesizer. See it wasn't really a game. But it was awesome. Now there's this other awesome game on the PSP where you can sequence music loops and create your own tunes. It's not really a game either, but it's also really awesome. And if there was one word that probably describes the sort of game that this sort of music creation software on portable gaming consoles, it would be like, "superstylin'."

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ShinFuYux3236d ago

I wish there was like a deeper instructions on how to use this. The video guide that they show you in the game really doesn't explain much,,,,at all.

I created a loop, out of luck, and I still can't figure out how to use it.

If i knew how to use this, I would of truly loved this game even more.. But now, I like the game for being unique and deep but I can't say I enjoy it because i'm just too oblivious on how to use it correctly.