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Designing the environments of Too Human went through many styles and ideas since its first inception. One of the concerns when designing for a science fiction themed work is not too alienate the player with ungrounded concepts that are too "sci-fi" and detached. Giving your audience reference points such as familiar shapes, conventions and symbols grants your vision a layer of believability. The design principle "Form Follows Function " is a good starting point for conceptualizing your work followed by thoughtful reiterations. If designing architecture in the real world one wants to transcend the rational building process to create a work of art. The same holds true for our approach in designing the visuals in video games but at the same time provides the environment to facilitate gameplay and tell the all important story which is driving all of this design and conceptualization.

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Too Human Free for Xbox Gamers - Download It Here

The action-RPG by now-defunct Silicon Knights is now free for Xbox gamers! Check out the Too Human free direct download link with armor sets here.

RazzerRedux1455d ago

Fun fact: I'm one of five people to have completed Too Human and actually liked it. It should be noted that the other four ended up in mental institutions....sadly.

excaliburps1455d ago

I completed it and kinda liked it. Controls were iffy but overall, I dug it. Shame Dyack was crazy. xD

IanTH1455d ago

Glad to hear it! So, when did you get out of the institution?

Marquinho1454d ago

Too Human was "The Order: 1886" of the 360.

Nitrowolf21455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

I have never played this, mostly because I didn't own an Xbox prior to a few months ago Def. will check this out

darthv721455d ago

It certainly has a cool story and its a good game. it was just marred by long development time and kind of egotistical creator.

Looper1455d ago

Hey!! I was told survivors had all signed an NDA! I'm telling!

Kribwalker1455d ago

i really liked this one too. Always wished for a sequel, but sadly i don’t see it in the cards

excaliburps1455d ago

Yeah, it had a solid story and game mechanics. I remember the controls weren't smartly implemented, and every time you respawned, the animation was so long.

Fantangoooo1455d ago

I can't count the number of times I finished this game gridding for gear. Weird control but I liked it

Neonridr1455d ago

sounds very Polybius to me..

Poopmist1455d ago

Me and my friend beat it so many times. I got the best armor mathematically possible in it. Great game imo but their needed to be more tutorials on how runes work. The one that spawns singularities upon hitting someone was cash.

DerfDerf1455d ago

I actually really enjoyed it.

RamRod881455d ago

I beat it too. The controls were weird, but once I got use to them it was okay. I found the story to be actually half decent. Too bad there wasn't a sequel because I really believe if they have fixed the issues the first game had(controls, camera, etc), it could have been a great series.

HyperMoused1455d ago

I though it was great too, yay us

Anomander1455d ago

Beat it as well. it had a good story line. Overall it was decent.

glennhkboy1455d ago

I remember that I played the 1st stage. The control was so bad that I couldn't force myself to continue.

morganfell1455d ago

Fun're actually one of six :) That game was the reason I kept an Xbox 360 running until they released the very last B/C titles and it was among them.

Chronicle7801454d ago

I thought the game was ok, clunky but ok. Every time I go back to play it though it takes 20 minutes for the controls to 'click' again. Pity most of the advanced combos and controls aren't listed anywhere in the game.

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omegaheat1455d ago

Wait, people actually liked this game???????

Profchaos1455d ago

Liked not loved. It's like a cheap dominos pizza it's not great but it's serviceable if your starving

BrainSyphoned1455d ago ShowReplies(5)
AK911455d ago

Wait wasn’t it always free?

Father Murder X1455d ago

This game had some potential. I actually liked it.