AutoGaming Podcast - Episode #2

AutoGaming writes: "This week we cover the latest news, as well as spend some time discussing the importance of game demos, digital distribution and EA's decision to develop a diversified set of racing games under the Need For Speed brand."

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BGDad4009d ago

Also xbox 360's breaking...

ChaoticStupid4009d ago

I hate to break it to you but KZ2 is nothing special. Looking at the metacritic proves that. It's highest scores come from PS dedicated sites and even they could score the game good enough to beat out SMG. Which is still the highest rated game so far this gen for any console exclusive.

FPShooter4009d ago

If you haven't played KZ2. I think you should really give it a shot before you form an opinion. I think this game is a must play not just for PS3 gamers but for ALL GAMERS. Don't just go on a lot of numbers, form your own opinion

Speed-Racer4009d ago

haha yea...funny how it ended up at a KZ2 discussion.