OzBoxLive TV - Fable II Review

The guys over at OzBoxLive have just uploaded their first Video Review for OzBoxLive TV. Join Cam and Steve as they discuss FABLE II. They cover the Story, Gameplay, Graphics, Sound and Key Features and end with an overall score.

Thanks to the guys at Microsoft Australia we have a copy of FABLE 2 to give away. If you would like to WIN this game check out the website for more details.

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ThanX - The OzBoxLive Team

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REALgamer4006d ago

I'd give it about a 9.2/10 overall as well.

Despite it being much smaller than some other titles such as Oblivion and Fallout 3, Fable II has a charm about it lacking in most other games. There's something about it that really sucked me in and made me care about the world and random characters.

For the first time in a game I actually wanted NPCs to like me! Cue lots of lute playing, dancing and 'victory arm pumps'.

slak4006d ago

I would too fable is a awesome game

Superfragilistic4006d ago

Yeah loved this game. Was in my top 3 of last year. :D

SonyRulz4006d ago

It's March...Fable 2 came out Oct. 21st LAST YEAR. Good game or not, this is a pointless waste of bandwidth.

slak4006d ago

a good game to pick up